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User: How much PTO do I have? Assistant: I'll get your latest allowance from the HR app Workday Leave Status Card: 98 hours remaining Action buttons: 'Start a new PTO request' and 'PTO policy'
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Digital Assistant

The Smart Assistant that helps you work smarter, not harder

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From $4 /user

on paid plans

  • See all your business applications in one view
  • Receive instant notifications when something is happening
  • Ask your AI chatbot anything you need or want to do
  • Enhance your Intranet and MS Teams or Slack
  • Connect to 50+ business apps with one click
Discover Digital Assistant

The average worker wastes about a third of their productive time looking for and aggregating information, and Digital Assistant is trying to reduce this time by being an always-on, uber-connected magic tool you can ask anytime and from any device. Existing customers have reported up to 17% increase of employee engagement and workers are feeling a 15% increase in their work/life balance.

What is a Digital Assistant for work?

Digital Assistant is new approach to workplace productivity software and intranet portals. It borrows some principles from smart voice assistants for consumers, like using NLP or looking up the latest information the second the user is asking about, say, the weather, and showing it on Cards.

The challenges of an AI chatbot at the Digital Workplace

As a Digital Workplace chatbot, Digital Assistant is geared towards the business software landscape, especially around the unique constellation of hundreds of sources of data each company can have. Most of this data can be integrated via APIs, but there also some sources where you require access to the database.

Can Digital Assistant integrate with my apps?

Yes, there are dozens of plug-and-play integrations in our Card Hub for software across all categories like HR, IT, Sales, Support, SaaS, and many more. We also have ready-to-go chatbots you can add to chat platforms like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Cisco Webex, etc.

Is there a way our organization can create custom integrations?

Developers can easily create their own Cards, integrations and chatbots using the Developer documentation from our website.

What’s the cost for a Digital Workplace assistant?

A Digital Workplace can save companies hundreds in lost productivity per employee as it reduces the time users spend looking for information across different browser tabs and applications. As a tool itself, Digital Assistant is free forever on the Free plan.

What are the most popular Digital Workplace use cases?
  1. Booking leave
  2. Getting reminders about birthdays and anniversaries
  3. Seeing the cafeteria menu
  4. Getting a centralized task list
  5. Seeing upcoming online meetings for the day
  6. Summarized view of approvals and workflows
  7. Important email notifications
  8. Notifications about outages
  9. Looking up available meeting rooms
  10. Following the company stock price

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The all-in-one Intranet software


The first Intranet platform with a built-in AI Assistant

IntelliEnterprise Intranet Software

$99 /user

one-time fee

From $4 /user

subscription options

  • Built-in Enterprise Notification hub with instant updates
  • AI-powered chatbot for Microsoft Teams and Slack
  • Rich search results with Google-style Cards
  • On-premise installable Intranet solution
  • Integrate with Microsoft 365 and edit Office documents with 1-Click Direct Edit
  • Free trial available - no credit card required
Explore IntelliEnterprise

IntelliEnterprise has over 90 features that help you manage your documents, automate processes and connect people with files, knowledge and colleagues. With built-in social and collaboration features it’s a platform that grows with the requirements of your organization.

Can IntelliEnterprise be installed on-premises?

Yes, we supply an installer for Windows Server so you can host the Intranet completely behind your firewall.

Does IntelliEnterprise cost a one-time fee?

Our purchase licences give you the lifelong right to use IntelliEnterprise after your first and only payment. Through an optional subscription you can opt into unlimited technical support and the right to upgrade the software to the newest version each year.

Is an Intranet a Digital Workplace?

Yes, an Intranet has the mission of being a central starting point to the user’s day where they can find any and all relevant information that they need to do their job and get things done. This hasn’t changed since Intranets were first developed in the 1990s. However due to the advent of SaaS many specialized applications that users require on a daily basis have become external to the Intranet. This is where Digital Workplaces try to establish one common interface that sits on top of all applications and their data, gradually reducing Intranets to being a CMS and social network only.

IntelliEnterprise is an Intranet with a Digital Workplace Add-on

With the Digital Assistant Bundle you get the benefit of a state-of-the-art Intranet solution in addition to the modern portal architecture that Digital Assistant offers as the first AI Assistant for the workplace.

Does your company offer consulting services?

We have a range of professional services, starting from remote training sessions, over on-site engagements to complete turn-key solution and custom feature delivery.

What integrations does IntelliEnterprise have?

As part of the Digital Assistant Bundle you can integrate Cards and notifications that show data from dozens of popular business applications right inside your Intranet.

Does the Intranet offer a chatbot?

Yes, with the Digital Assistant bundle you can train your own AI chatbot to provide answers to popular questions by drawing data from knowledge bases, SaaS connectors or database integrations.

Can we test this Intranet?

You can either browse our Intranet example or download a free evaluation version of IntelliEnterprise that comes with complimentary support during your trial.

What sets adenin apart?

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We're experimenters

Most people aren't a big fan of their Intranets (us included). So we worked hard to make the experience more pleasant, and we think we succeeded. Our goal is to give organizations pound-for-pound more innovation than the biggest player in the market.

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Award-winning software

We're so happy that our devotion to creating great Digital Workplaces hasn't gone unnoticed.

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Loved by our customers

When it comes to customer satisfaction, the buck stops with us! We celebrate every customer like we did our first one in 1999.

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