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adenin for Chrome extensionEasily show your live Freshping data inside Chrome extension

Supercharge your Chrome experience with data from Freshping by adding Adaptive Cards to your dashboard

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Your Freshping data is now securely showing in Chrome extension

Transform your Chrome browser into a powerhouse of productivity using the adenin Freshping integration. Turn every new tab into your personal dashboard, bringing in real-time data from Freshping right when you need it most.

Our integration doesn't just help you keep track of your metrics, it gives you the power to work smarter, not harder.

  • Keep tabs on your application performance with real-time monitoring from Freshping
  • Make your browser your one-stop-shop for all things Freshping while boosting your productivity
  • With all your data in one place, it's easier than ever to stay informed and make data-driven decisions
  • The adenin Freshping integration is developer-friendly, making it a breeze to customize and expand

Start your free account with adenin today and make your Chrome browser your new command center.

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Never miss another Freshping update

Get more out of your Chrome extension investment by increasing visibility of your Freshping data where it matters most

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Securely connect to Freshping in just a few clicks

At every refresh, your Freshping data is collected directly by your browser. adenin doesn’t store this data anywhere else, and you can revoke your access rights anytime.

Build a personal Communication dashboard

Apart from Chrome extension, the adenin platform offers users a dashboard that can be easily customized to show you all the data that matters to you at a glance

Connect to even more applications

Communication applications are just one of many you can use to enhance your Chrome extension experience. Check out the other apps we offer.

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Connect Freshping to Chrome extension now
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