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Digital Workplace

Digital Assistant for HR

Digital Transformation is uniquely affecting every facet of HR operations, be it recruiting digital natives, offering digital services to employees or ensuring an engaged workforce and digital culture. Getting more ROI from employee experience Gartner sees getting...

Digital Workplace

Digital Assistant for IT

Microsoft Teams is bound to dominate as this analysis shows Nearly every organization today is somewhere along the path to transitioning to Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. SharePoint was already powering 70% of all Intranets before,...

Digital Workplace

Digital Assistant for Internal Comms

It's tough times for internal comms folks. More and more tools have gone into the Cloud, making it harder to get through to the user with a single, consistent voice. Tool hopping has been rampant...

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Digital Assistant is your personal AI chatbot for the smart office. Receive smart notifications about your workday, ask the AI anything on the go and work smarter by integrating all existing business data into one solution.

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