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Thu, Apr 12, 2018

What's So Great About a Card UI In The Enterprise?

You may have heard that cards are taking app and website UIs by storm – just look at Facebook or Pinterest. And although there are some pitfalls, the potential for…

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Wed, Apr 04, 2018

Ambient User Experience is the Future of the Workplace

We recently talked about what ambient computing is and how you can expect ambient computing devices to start appearing in offices near you sometime soon. You might…

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Mon, Mar 26, 2018

3 Ways to Make Your Intranet the Best It Can Be

2018 is all about creating a workplace that stands a cut above the rest. Constructing a digital workplace, facilitating social collaboration and providing an…

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Wed, Mar 21, 2018

Shaping the future with ambient computing

If you're anything like me, you hate adverts, alarm clocks, and the seemingly never-ending email notifications that pop up at work all day. Sudden, unexpected…

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