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Best Practices For Setting Up An Intranet

Building a good intranet starts with understanding your users and tailoring navigation and content to fit their needs. How do you determine their needs? Ask.

This job is usually the realm of an intranet project manager, whose main responsibility is to go out into the field and gather requirements to improve an intranet's overall design. Some companies do this in conjunction with an online employee survey and other research tactics. The key is to start at the beginning and work from the ground up to get a clear idea of what your intranet needs to look like.

But even with this earnest approach, employee groups can suffer from turf battles and other political issues that cloud their true information needs. As a result, many companies wind up structuring their intranet by the organization chart. This has limitations since employees in one group don't necessarily know who is responsible for what in another group, and information gets buried in silos.

Instead, it’s much better to organize information by topics. And while it's true that teams may want to be visible on the intranet, the information they need to do their day-to-day tasks should be presented in a logical, clear, and findable manner. Organizing information around topics helps improve completion of specific tasks, simplifies the search process, and is the fastest way to a more usable, intuitive intranet. The IntranetModeler has more than 100 components created specifically to help teams map out appropriate navigation and content.

The Modeler is an online prototype creation tool featuring best-practice use cases across a variety of industries. Since every business content management strategy is unique, the huge variety of options makes it easy to drag and drop different modules to create different navigation and content combinations.

Teams are encouraged to “play” with the modeler as they discover the best design solution for their intranet in a very short period of time.

Start building your best-practice intranet today. Give the Modeler a try. It’s free, it’s fast, and incredibly effective. You’ll see the results in minutes.

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