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adenin IntelliEnterprise Version 12: Delivers Enhanced User Interface, Dynamic Mobile Display & more...

adenin has released Version 12 of the IntelliEnterprise Intranet platform. The primary focus of the enhancements in this version is on the user interface, with many new design and display features that make an Intranet more accessible on the variety of devices employees use every day: smartphones, iPads and other tablets, laptops and desktops.

“Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a fact of life for most organizations these days. Employees simply expect to be able to access critical applications wherever they are, with whatever device they have at hand. It’s important to have an Intranet that is device-friendly because there are so many components of the Intranet that are essential to an employee’s daily life,” said Martin Amm, CEO of adenin TECHNOLOGIES. “We have invested significant resources in addressing the accessibility issues for our customers in this new version of IntelliEnterprise.”

The new design features in IntelliEnterprise start with a completely redesigned default user interface that is sophisticated and modern, with a simple blue and gray color scheme, new icons, and the ability to highlight portlets to draw the eye. A search and settings toolbar is now fixed at the top of the page to make finding resources easier. Email templates now use responsive design, so they display effectively on any device.

The Intranet display is dynamic, based on the device. Smartphones can have a one-column layout while tablets and other devices use two columns. This overrides the existing layout, with portlets arranged automatically to fit whatever device is being used. Users can create separate landing pages for mobile users that make it easier to login and perform common tasks, while still making the entire Intranet available to them on their devices.

Version 12 also includes many other significant enhancements:

Search - Almost any relational database can now be integrated with IntelliEnterprise. IntelliEnterprise now conforms to the OpenSearch standard, which means other applications can search within IntelliEnterprise and searches in other databases can be included in search results displayed inside IntelliEnterprise.

Document Management/Workflow – Read receipts allow users to see who has reviewed materials and who hasn’t.

Matrix View – The Application Builder has a new matrix view, which provides a new way to visualize data that is particularly effective at providing insights into rapidly changing information.

HTML5 – Charts and graphs are now HTML5-enabled and will display properly on devices that do not support Flash.

Active Directory – IntelliEnterprise is now permanently in sync with Active Directory, with changes made in real-time.

Help – Both User and Admin help have been completely reworked, and now provide more explanation than before. Help is also accessible from the top of any page, in some pop-ups, and inside applications.

IntelliEnterprise is an all-encompassing platform for information management, collaboration, social networking, and process automation. It includes more than 100 components that can be combined to create almost any kind of Intranet, extranet, enterprise portal or social network. The Application Builder makes it easy for non-programmers to create additional applets that can be plugged into the Intranet, delivering a custom-tailored solution for any organization.

An innovative Modeler is included with IntelliEnterprise. The Modeler is a free, web-based service that lets users quickly architect, prototype, share and get feedback on their design for an Intranet, extranet or portal. Once the design has been approved, one click creates the actual Intranet.

Pricing and Availability Version 12 is available now. Pricing starts at $99/user for a perpetual license. An interactive demo where users can experiment with a sample IntelliEnterprise Intranet site is available at http://demo.adenin.com.

About adenin TECHNOLOGIES adenin TECHNOLOGIES develops, sells and supports the IntelliEnterprise Intranet platform, a complete web portal and application suite that helps organizations of all sizes manage information, collaborate, share knowledge, automate processes and facilitate social networking. Customers include OfficeMax, Equifax, Omni Hotels, Airmiles, First National Bank Texas, and Western Refining. The company is dual-headquartered in Boston, MA and Nuremberg, Germany. More information is available at www.adenin.com.


Martin Amm


Judy Schramm
JMR Consulting

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