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Work your intranet should do for you

Among the many purposes of an intranet, actual help to get done your everyday tasks is one of the most important ones. Yet, most intranets cannot help you with getting tasks done in a task-based oriented way.

Sure you can search for procedures, or look through Knowledge Bases, Q/A or FAQ sections to get hints to how you can get your work done. And probably you also have tasks lists that contain things that you want to do.

But does your intranet have a real task manager, where you just tell it what you want to do and it tells you how to do it?

Let’s say you are looking for a Leave Request form. Normal intranets would allow you to search for Leave Requests and probably will bring up the form, whether online or paper-based. In IntelliEnterprise you search through specific Use Cases containing the word “Leave Request”, which will bring up the task “I want to make a leave request”. Click it and every related information, written procedure, information based in documents, online leave request form, etc., is being arranged just for this one simple task.

Or “check on a customer’s pay status”. How would you do that in a conventional intranet? We don’t know, but we know that in IntelliEnterprise you would search for just that to bring you to the particular use case, containing all the necessary information and links to proceed with your task.

Or another example for booking a business trip:

  1. Look for use cases (we call them I want to's in our Demo Intranet) containing the word travel, trip, booking, etc.

  2. Open the Use Case, and get your task done. As simple as that.

This feature is so powerful, because when the Intranet is getting set up for the first time, all these tasks are being pre-defined, so your users don’t waste precious working time figuring out a way to get to the information they want to get to.

This feature comes as standard since IntelliEnterprise v11. If you have an older version, upgrade today for free if you hold a maintenance and support contract with us.

We will be back shortly with 100 task ideas your intranet could offer your users.

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