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100 tasks IntelliEnterprise can help you to manage

Intranets are meant to be a real help in your everyday work. Well, how do they help you? They act as an online repository, for every kind of information that exists in your organization. Now, there are several approaches to make this information accessible.

You can look for it within the structure of your intranet, navigating through the different levels of hierarchy your site is built on. Or you can search for information, using filters, metadata and so on.

Or: You can just tell your intranet what you want to do. And it tells you how to do that.

That’s what he had in mind when we created our new task-based navigation, which provides the user real use cases which he can use to complete a task.

On the following site we have prepared 100 sample tasks you can realise with IntelliEnterprise.

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