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Stayin' Alive: Create New Content For Your Intranet

Remember the video game Pac-Man? Sometimes it can seem like your intranet is the little yellow guy gobbling up all of your time. How do you keep fresh content flowing through the system while you attend to other responsibilities?

The key is to distribute content ownership throughout your organization.

While overall intranet responsibility should reside with one group, a healthy intranet needs lots of content providers from across the enterprise. Assuming you have the ok from the top, it’s a good idea to establish relationships with a point person in each department who will commit to developing content on a regular basis. Agree to a schedule and follow up with these people to make sure there’s plenty of content in the pipeline.

Many intranet managers create an editorial calendar specifically for this purpose. Periodically meet with department leadership to review all upcoming corporate events may impact internal activities or processes. These may impact your content development schedule so make sure everyone is aware of what’s coming up.

You may also want to hold quarterly brainstorming meetings to pitch new ideas for intranet content. But be careful, since you may not have the internal resources to implement more complex ideas. Still, it’s a great way to get people excited to contribute to the community.

If you have enabled social networking tools on your intranet, your users will create some content for you. Just be sure it is monitored by community managers to conform to corporate guidelines.

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