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One reason Dropbox scares IT

For the most part mobile devices go hand-in-hand with cloud offerings. And the cloud today has been off the rocky start inside companies. The idea of making corporate files available off-site made every sensible IT administrator startle with angst over the potential dangers a leak, so an unadministered diffusion of the files, could bring for the integrity of the business. The concept didn't fly.

Meanwhile Dropbox came and offered an easy solution to bypass corporate policies by uploading data in a structured manner through a browser and accessing the same free service on the phone on the commute home.

Companies were dumbfounded to regain control over their data. How could this happen? It's what the French call a révolution is what happened. If you lock your users down for the sake of information security, you risk causing a tidal wave into the opposite direction.

Files are uncontrolled, saved in locations IT has no access to, and the whole thing just turned into a big mess. Luckily Dropbox had companies covered and offered business subscriptions if they noticed many employees of the same company signed up to their service.

Don't let history repeat itself

That's why it is so vitally important to recognize the signs of our times, the mobile times, and make mobility the key priority in every new project IT does, if anything for security's sake.

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