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Introducing Mobility Portal Server

Next Generation of Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAP) With Hybrid Source Connectors

Boston, MA – September 30, 2015 – adenin today announced Mobility Portal Server, a next generation Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP). It offers a holistic approach to unifying existing data and making HTML5 apps. With the advances in Enterprise Mobility progressive organizations need to find a way to effectively enable their mobile workforce. Mobility Portal therefore provides everything enterprises need to rapidly mobilize existing data, users and processes while securely carrying on permissions and security to mobile devices.

"Mobility Portal Server is a new generation of backend platform fit for the digital age. It no longer relies on data migration but instead directly uses any existing data from a host of on-premise and cloud-based sources. With it companies can not just easily create modern HTML5 Enterprise Mobility apps," said Martin Amm, CEO and Founder. "But technically the platform is capable of enhancing any Line-of-Business application by seamlessly connecting siloed data streams, a process that normally needed custom coding."

Hybrid Source Connectors
With easy to configure Connectors customers can integrate their cloud and on-premise APIs, databases and user management services right out of the box. From the start supported are Connectors to Office365, Yammer, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, GMail, SalesForce, Slack, SAP and many other services. Connectors continually expand and a complete list is maintained at: http://www.mobilityportal.com/features/connectors

"Unity" Service Layers
Key to Mobility Portal’s concept is the shift away from monolithic business applications towards an inclusive and open common ground between different apps. Mobility Portal does not require any proprietary data, but instead relies on Service Layers to act as a central repository to all data streams regardless of their programming language and formats. Requests made by apps to the Service Layer will be translated on the fly and relayed to the original source, taking existing permissions of the user into account.

HTML5 Apps
Mobility Portal Server uses a responsive design HTML5 front-end framework, based on the open source Google Polymer Web Components. With it comes an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) in form of a free Adobe Brackets extension, a popular code editor. The IDE allows customers to easily define fields, forms and components they want in their apps and automatically calls on the integrated Connectors.

Mobility Portal also seamlessly handles the distribution of apps with an integrated App Store. The App Store can be configured to incorporate existing permission profiles as Audiences, which will be automatically subscribed to certain apps while others may be hidden or optional for the user to add.

A Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) acts as a safety layer between a user's device and internal data. When the user requests any data, Mobility Portal cross-checks that request with the individual permissions the user has for the requested source. If the user is authenticated and authorized the requested resource will be loaded into the DMZ to be sent to the user. That way an original source is never exposed to the internet which eliminates the chance of a data breach.

Enterprise As A Service (EaaS)
Mobility Portal is integral to adenin’s vision to give companies the tools they need to create their own Enterprise as a Service. The holistic end-to-end solution that spans data access, secure layering as well as building responsive HTML5 apps, is a big leap towards commoditizing Enterprise Mobility.

A key characteristic of EaaS, the cloud, is accounted for through compatibility with Microsoft Azure or the dozens of Cloud-based APIs that can be integrated with our Out-of-the-Box Connectors.

Pricing & Availability
Mobility Portal Server is available to test and evaluate right now at http://www.mobilityportal.com/download. It is currently a beta software, as such we invite anyone interested to try the software for free and share their feedback with us. Once the product is available, prices will start at $1 per device per month.

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