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Join us at the Intranet Reloaded Conference in April

We will be attending the 2016 Intra.Net Reloaded Conference this April 21-22 in Boston, MA and hope to see some of you attending our session. Our Analyst Henry Amm will be on the first day at 11.30am.

The topic will be centred around smarter Intranets, and how AI could help solve the Digital Workplace dilemma that Intranets so far struggle to live up to.

Intranets are great at connecting people with data. But not at connecting different sources of data. The Intranet of the future therefore could be a kind of layer between all data and all users and act like an intermediary between different APIs, interfaces and databases – and of course between all types of devices.

We will be launching a new product called "Now Assistant" which is already in beta phase with selected customers.

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Download the conference agenda.

Let us know that you will be attending.

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