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adenin IntelliEnterprise Release 14: Responsive Design HTML Editor, New Design & more…

adenin has released version 14 of it’s IntelliEnterprise Intranet software. The primary focus of this update is the Digital Workplace and the challenges adenin observed when bringing the Intranet to mobile devices.

Mobile versions of Intranets suffer from a plethora of drawbacks, e.g. hard to navigate, most content isn’t mobile digestible, legacy web apps don’t always show correctly or fast, use cases are different on the desktop versus mobile, etc.

“Many organizations struggle to create a succinct Digital Workplace experience for their employees.” sayid Martin Amm, CEO of adenin. “With the average desk worker using anywhere between four and eleven different systems throughout the day, it has proven nearly impossible to make data accessible outside the office. But with our new Mobile App Designer in IntelliEnterprise it is possible to combine disenfranchised data into easy-to-design apps that can be deployed across devices in an instant.”

The new Release 14 addresses these by adding a host of new features designed to improve Intranet accessibility for users both in and outside the office:

  • New Responsive Design HTML EditorThe commonly used WYSIWYG HTML Editors have two significant drawbacks: It’s hard for users to make beautiful content quickly, and the content they produce is not responsive design (i.e. hard to consume on a small screen).But our new Responsive Design HTML Editor called the Cross-Browser Editor changes that. It makes it super simple to create beautiful content by dragging and dropping over 100 template blocks into their document.
  • New User Interface themeThe new default style in IntelliEnterprise is called Clyde and it features a fresh, new and reduced look. We paid attention to every detail and angle throughout the UI and were careful to design a new theme that looks deliberately ‘undesigned’.This is however contrasted by a bold, new navigation box that features a prominent dash of colour (blue per default) and a high-contrast line that indicates the active page (pink per default).
  • Mobile App DesignerIntelliEnterprise will receive a ground-breaking new App Designer that, for the first time, will allow customer to easily create mobile apps that work across devices and screen sizes.The App Designer can draw from data from IntelliEnterprise but also a range of 50+ cloud-based APIs, on-premise data sources or databases. The App Designer uses a simple Drag-and-Drop logic and the layout can easily be adjusted with the Liquid template language.

Pricing and Availability Release 14 is available now. Pricing starts at $99/user for a perpetual license. An interactive demo where users can experiment with a sample IntelliEnterprise Intranet site is available at

About adenin TECHNOLOGIES adenin TECHNOLOGIES develops, sells and supports the IntelliEnterprise Intranet platform, a complete web portal and application suite that helps organizations of all sizes manage information, collaborate, share knowledge, automate processes and facilitate social networking. Customers include OfficeDepot, Equifax, Omni Hotels, Airmiles, First National Bank Texas, and Western Refining. The company is headquartered in Boston, MA. More information is available at

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