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Five ways Now Assistant can skyrocket your productivity

We all have too much work and too little time, and it's easy to leave at the end of the day feeling as though you could've done more. Here are five ways Now Assistant can help you take back control of your time, and add hours of productivity back into your day.

1. By pinning cards to your workspace, as soon as you start to work - whether at home, in the office or on a train, Now Assistant will show you an up-to-date view of what you need to know. By keeping critical information at the top of your view, you can avoid spending your all-important time checking multiple apps and tools and get straight to the point.

Pinning cards means the information you need is always a click away

2. Handling approvals and tickets can be exhausting, especially if you get a large number of requests. Now Assistant has an easy solution - requests can be approved or denied directly from your workspace when they appear, or can be grouped into a consolidated view for easy management.

Approvals made easy

3. With work extending beyond the bounds of the office, it's not always practical to type - especially if you're in the car or walking down the street. Now Assistant's voice input support allows you to speak directly to your device, giving commands or inputting sentences as you would at your desk whilst avoiding cumbersome mobile keyboards.

4. The number of applications and tools we use on a day to day basis can be staggering. Connectors save you the hassle of opening multiple applications to do one thing. Now Assistant can integrate with a huge number of external data sources, including Dropbox, SharePoint and Office 365, then display relevant information when you ask for it - whether it's a contact from Outlook or marketing data from Salesforce.

5. On busy days, time can fly and it's easy to miss emails and updates from colleagues. The Now Assistant Chrome extension means your personal digital assistant is always only one click away - and it can even notify you from your current page when an event happens. Notifications are color coded, so you can quickly see whether something needs your attention - or if you can safely ignore it for the time being!

You don't need to waste precious time navigating between pages upon pages of your Intranet to find what you're looking for. You don't even need to leave the page you're on. Now Assistant can revolutionize the way you work, and drastically improve your productivity - all with the click of a button.

Want to try it for yourself? Now Assistant offers a free demo - see for yourself how easy work can be with your personal AI workplace assistant by your side.
Now Assistant - the mobile assistant for a mobile workforce
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