Chatbots - suddenly not so 2000 and late?

Chatbots might seem like a throwback to the mid 2000’s and the days of AOL Instant Messenger and Skype, but with the ever-evolving digital landscape 2018 is bringing chatbots back into fashion in the form of conversational platforms. As AI technology has made leaps and bounds in only a few years, more and more businesses are integrating conversational platforms in the workplace to amazing effect. It’s no question that any organization with a digital transformation strategy should be taking advantage of conversational platforms – but what should you be looking for?

A typical process for creating and submitting a leave request might include navigating to a portal, clicking a few links to reach the right area of the portal, filling out a form with all your details and clicking submit. It’s tiring just reading about it. Conversational platforms shift this paradigm by giving all of that work to an application. By giving the platform a command – “book a leave request for the 2nd of May” – it can go through the whole process for you, saving you both time and effort.

Listen to an example request for leave with Alexa and Digital Assistant:

At the heart of these conversational platforms lies a mixture of AI-based intent recognition and API programming. By identifying key words and phrases, the platform can decipher the intent behind the request in order to carry it out. Turning the request into action requires the use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which allow the conversational platform to speak the same language as internet services as well as enterprise data sources behind the scenes.

Not all conversational platforms are smart. Some require users to be extremely specific with their wording for the platform to be able understand their intent, and this can lead to frustration on the part of the user. More advanced platforms like Digital Assistant are capable of advanced natural language processing, and so can determine user intent from typical day to day speech and thus carry out more complex tasks from a single command. This style of interaction will become a primary goal in user interaction and user experience design – whereby simply asking for something or giving a command will lead to the intended response in a matter of seconds.

The intelligent assistant Now Assistant integrates with Slack via Slack Apps

One of the most prevalent style of conversational platforms at the moment are chatbots. These tend to be integrated with existing chat-style applications, such as Slack or Workplace by Facebook, and can either provide extra functionality to the application or integration with other applications in your ecosystem. Platforms like Digital Assistant can serve as a bridge between you and all of your enterprise data and applications from anywhere – be it in chat-style applications, from within an intranet or portal, or through the application’s own card-based interface. It can even integrate with the rest of your smart office – by speaking to a Google Home or Amazon Alexa device, you can interact with the entirety of your enterprise data by asking questions and giving commands.

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