How to Survive the Danger of Data Silos

According to Ventana Research, 70% of organizations need to integrate more than 6 disparate data sources. And given that experts predict a 50-fold growth in the amount of data online by 2020, it’s a great wonder we have anywhere to put it all!

Siloed data can present a real danger to your business for a variety of reasons. For example, it’s impossible to conduct a simple search across all of your applications – you typically end up searching through multiple portals for what you need. Worse still, if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for or where to find it, you can wind up spending valuable time doing nothing productive. And if you’re depending on relevant and up-to-date information to make key business decisions, you could find yourself making uninformed choices without even realising. Now imagine all that wasted time multiplied by every person in your 10,000 strong enterprise!

For businesses, utilising data effectively can be the key to making effective, well-informed decisions. From up close, it’s impossible to look at each of your data sources individually and utilise that information effectively. And typically, it is still quite a hassle to for different pieces of software – both cloud hosted and locally hosted software – to exchange their information. Oftentimes employees simply resort to manual importing of data into Excel, missing out on the potential for so much more. So, as a business – how can you harness your data to improve your decision-making capabilities, and empower your employees to make the most of their working day?

Data unity is the idea of one, cohesive pool of data. All of your data sources – from databases, cloud applications and on-premises installed applications – is accessible from one single point of entry. Data from different applications and in different formats can seamlessly talk to each-other; there are no walls. If you need to search for something, you can send your query to a platform that queries each and every data source across your entire organization in real-time and be confident that you’ll find what you need.

The digital employee experience platform Digital Assistant integrates all of your data through its Unity API, so not only can you search all of your enterprise data from one endpoint, but you also can interact with that data – by submitting requests, managing approvals and responding to tickets and more. You can take back valuable hours of time across all your departments, make more informed decisions, and make the mundane parts of work become less of a chore for your entire workforce. So next time you find yourself asking – ‘surely, there must be a better way?’ – remember, there is!

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