How you can see your business through the event-driven IT lens

Published Thu 19 Jul 2018

Any modern business uses a plethora of applications, creating – but crucially not always leveraging – terabytes of data every day. That’s a huge amount of data; and while a large chunk of that comes from how users and customers interact with enterprise systems, the way applications interact with each other is also a huge contributor. This ever-flowing data stream is constantly growing in size, and yet, only a fraction of businesses are getting the most out of it by embracing event-centric IT.

The domino effect: any action creates a trail of following reactions

Take a typical business scenario as an example: once a customer submits a purchase request, a chain reaction of data ensues; the request might pass through payment gateways, stock management systems, warehouse automation software and shipping and logistics applications. This can even happen more than once; if the customers returns any goods, has questions or submits a warranty claim than there is going to be an avalanche of data produced for every single transaction. Every step of the process can be described as a ‘business event’ – any digital event which can be observed or detected, such as a new state (a new order) or a change in state (an item going out of stock).

These business events can culminate into ‘business moments’ – larger events that have wide-reaching effects across the whole business. These events are a call to action – an opportunity to act, either to capitalize on an opportunity or negate a potential pitfall. Sensing, processing and acting upon these business events is the fundamental idea of event-driven IT, and implementing an event-driven way of thinking within an organization is vitally important to the success of digital transformation strategies.

Businesses benefit from leveraging an event-driven IT

Emerging technologies such as event brokers, cloud computing, blockchain, AI and the Internet of Things mean that business events can be detected faster and analyzed more effectively than ever before. And with this comes the potential benefits to businesses who put event-driven IT at the heart of their ecosystem; the capacity to respond better to critical business events, and to make more informed decisions based on the vast amount of data available. When making business decisions, the most useful contextual data is often from real-time conditions – businesses which are capable of harnessing that can secure a serious competitive advantage.

Digital Assistant is fully ready for event-driven ops

Gartner has identified event-driven IT as one of the top trends for 2018, and with software such as Digital Assistant you can support event-driven IT architecture alongside smart office devices and other emerging technologies.

By processing data from connected applications and data sources, Digital Assistant provides AI-powered actionable insights as and when business events happen to help you make more informed decisions. Digital Assistant also supports Card threshold triggers, so you can create custom triggers based on your business needs and be notified of business events when they occur; or through Webhooks, other services can notify Digital Assistant that a new event occurred.

Through these mechanisms you can ensure that Digital Assistant fits seamlessly within your agile, event-driven approach. But event-driven IT also demands a deeper paradigm shift towards a different way of thinking; not responding to events retroactively but taking advantage of events when they happen to create wider business impacts. And as with many successful IT paradigms, event-driven IT requires part change management, part software innovation.

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