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Using bite-sized information to work smarter, not harder

Imagine you’re a manager and trying to find out how much stock a certain warehouse has left. You know that the information is out there, but you don’t know where to look because you’re not sure which of the, say, six systems you have to access to get the right data. So, you’re forced to call for help and get someone to send you the information. Or maybe you just give up entirely.

If that sounds familiar, then you’re not alone. Accessing the right information at the right time is a common problem for many digital employee experiences, with IDC finding that the average knowledge worker spends upwards of 36% of their time looking for information across multiple systems.

Digital Employee Experience

The problem is often not that business information is not being recorded or stored, but that the average enterprise user has access to too much information across too many systems, with 61% regularly having to access four or more systems to do their jobs.

Providing Snackable Notifications

Digital Employee ExperienceSo, how do we avoid information overload in the workplace and where can we look to find a solution that actually improves your digital employee experience? To find an answer you don’t have to look any further than your personal phone. In our personal lives, just as in our work lives, we’re using more and more apps every day, with research from App Annie finding that we use an average of 30 apps every month. We use our phones to see our emails, talk to friends and family on Facebook, share holiday snaps on Instagram, monitor our Fitbits and find places to eat on Google Maps.

Yet even though we use as many (if not more) apps outside of work as we do at work, it doesn’t feel anyway near as overwhelming. Why? Because they send you the information you need when you need it, and let you respond to it instantly. Facebook doesn’t make it difficult for you find out whose birthday it is, but instead sends you a single push notification and lets you respond immediately. You don’t have to search through endless menus, or cross reference your calendar against Facebook.

A Smarter Way to Work

Card UI ExampleThis highly snackable way of presenting information is something that enterprises need to build into their digital employee experience platforms to ease enterprise information overload.

As we've mentioned before, using a mobile-friendly Card UI for your intranet, rather than a fixed Intranet Portal UI, is one solution that can ease pressure on employees and ensure that they can receive information wherever they are, effectively giving them a digital assistant. A Card UI based intranet can even be supercharged by linking all your existing enterprise apps, from Sharepoint, to your ERP and HR systems allowing users to receive notifications from any of the systems they might need to use and making the digital employee experience both seamless and painless.

Card UI ExampleUltimately, users want to be able to work smarter, rather than harder and they are increasingly expecting workplaces to provide them with tools, such as digital assistants, to do so.

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