3 Ways to Combat Notification Fatigue with Smart Assistants

Push notifications can be a great way of keeping of top of everything we have to do. We use them to keep track of birthdays, manage instant messenger conversations and to get notified as soon as we receive important emails. The apps we use for work, like Slack or Trello, are now increasingly supporting push notifications which can be an excellent way of keeping on top of new tasks and events at work.

There is a problem, however - we now receive so many push notifications every day (the average US person gets 46) that all of the buzzing and ringing they make as they come in can start to just become noise. It doesn’t have to be this way - here are three ways smart assistants for work can help you combat notification fatigue:

Get push notifications in the place you work the most

We’re all used to getting push notifications on our phones or tablets, but even though we’re now using these devices to work, most work is still done on our desktops or laptops. If you’re at your desk and your phone buzzes to tell you there’s a new message waiting for you on Slack, you may still answer it on your computer. At the same time, only 31% of enterprises actually provide mobile access to workplace software, according to a 2017 report. This means we spend a lot of time switching focus between different tasks and devices as notifications arrive and this can be very damaging.

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The answer to this is to make sure you can always receive push notifications in the places you actually work, something a smart assistant is designed to do. For example, if you spend a lot of your time maintaining a CRM in your browser, or working in your Sharepoint intranet, then you can get notifications there using a smart assistant extension.

Smart Assistants can make sure you only see what you need to see

If a perfectly designed notification is delivered to exactly where you need it, but is irrelevant to you, it’s still just noise. For example, if you never read any of the articles or blogs that are put up on your intranet but you keep receiving alerts every time one is posted then you may just be tempted to ignore push notifications or even turn them off entirely.

A smart assistant for work can solve this problem, because it can intelligently consider what push notifications you pay attention to, how often you check them and what information you spend the most time looking at. Using machine learning technique smart assistants can, over time, adapt what notifications it sends, when it sends them and how often it sends them. If you never read company blogs but pay close attention to training seminars, it might send you a brief news digest in the morning but updated you every time a new seminar is announced.

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It can even adapt to where you are, providing relevant local alerts based on your GPS location. If you’re travelling to another office for an important meeting and their elevator breaks, your smart assistant can send you a notification so you can plan ahead.

Give notifications some personality with a conversational UI

Push notifications are meant to be easy to act on quickly, but actually doing this can be difficult, especially if you aren’t used to using them or even if you just find them a bit fiddly to work with. This can lead to frustration and notification fatigue, and companies are looking for a solution. Chatbots, and conversational UIs are a whole, are one solution that is increasingly being deployed, with Deloitte calling it a “new dawn for conversation” in enterprise.

A smart assistant for work with a conversational UI can help anyone act as soon as notifications arrive. If your chatbot smart assistant tells you that a new sales lead has come in from a major company, you can quickly ask for a list of any other leads from the same company and set a reminder to follow up with your new lead, all in a couple of sentences.

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