Just the facts: How much AI digital assistants can save your business

We’re at a tipping point for using digital assistants and AI. According to McKinsey, the competitive advantage of using AI at work could mean that early adopters will double their cashflow by 2030 as they gain more value from data. Digital assistants like Alexa, Cortana and Siri are making waves by allowing everyone to search Google, check the weather and contact people through one single assistant.

What knowledge workers want

There’s a strong appetite for making AI digital assistants a key part of the digital employee experience. When Accenture asked managers whether they expected AI assistants to help them, 84% said that they expect intelligent systems to make their more work effective and interesting. These expectations aren’t limited to managers, with TechRepublic’s 2018 Smart Office Tech Trends finding that 48% office workers would be interested in using digital assistants at work, and 39% would be interested in seeing more Machine Learning algorithms used at work.

It’s not hard to see why - the digital employee experience in most organizations centers on juggling applications, with the rapid proliferation of enterprise software meaning that 1 in 10 knowledge workers are now using 11 or more systems on a daily basis according to IDC.

What enterprise software really costs

This is having a severe negative impact on the employee experience, with Forrester finding 75% of users are struggling to log-in to multiple applications as they forget usernames and passwords or become confused as to which application has the data they need. Moving between applications to track down the data and trying to remember how to log-in to them is wasting time - and a lot of it. IDC found that knowledge workers are spending 37% of their time every day looking for and consolidating information and, remarkably, they only find the information they need 56% of the time.

Digital employee experience productivity cost stats

This costs $5,700 per year, per knowledge worker, which adds up. If your company has 1,000 knowledge workers, then you might be wasting $5.7 million every year just through employee not being able to find the information they need to work.

What digital assistants can save your business

This cost doesn’t need to happen. AI digital assistants can augment managers and knowledge workers and wipe away the cost of wasted time by letting everyone find the information they need without having to dig through every enterprise application they have access to.

Your enterprise applications might be costing you millions

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