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Now Assistant wins ‘Rising Star’ and ‘Great User Experience’ Awards from FinancesOnline

We’re excited to announce that Now Assistant, our digital assistant for the modern enterprise, has received two awards from B2B software reviews website FinancesOnline for being a ‘Rising Star’ and for delivering a ‘Great User Experience’.

In a thorough Now Assistant features analysis conducted by FinancesOnline’s expert panel of reviewers, our software went up against some of the biggest names in B2B software, so we’re delighted and honored that Now Assistant was well received by FinancesOnline’s expert panel of reviewers. We’ve spent the past few years intensively developing Now Assistant and making sure that we always provide an excellent solution, so it’s wonderful to see our hard work recognized.

Now Assistant was awarded an overall score of 8.0 placing us in the top 50 of FinancesOnline’ SaaS Office Software rankings, with a user satisfaction rating of 86%. Some key features were highlighted in the review for praise, including Now Assistant’s “robust” integrations, its focus on “simplifying your workdays” and its ability to find enterprise information “regardless of the interface or the device you are on.”

Rising Star and Great User Experience 2018
Now Assistant Awards 2018

Coming after our recognition at the Digital Workplace of the Year awards, and our CorporateLiveWire Innovation in Corporate Data Solutions Award, this is another great highlight for us at adenin.

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