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Adaptive Cards are a standardized UX for business use cases, such as displaying Adaptive Cards in SharePoint, or to build a chatbot with Adaptive Cards. With the wide range of input types and the flexible layout they are a great way to make portable snippets of information.

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If you're considering to build Adaptive Cards for your business, then these free samples could help you get there more quickly. Our 11 free samples show a great range of layouts with images, approve/decline buttons and expanding sections.

Workflow Adaptive Card templates

Approval request

An approval request Adaptive Card template suitable for any workflow or task that users want to use from within SharePoint

This template shows a new request for annual leave by an employee. Everything, from the icons, the "fact set" or the button labels could be quickly adapted to suit your use case.

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Editor's tip:
Just click Use this template to start building out one of these templates before you connect it to one of the free app connectors.

Travel request approval

An Adaptive Card templates for workflows that users use within the companies' Digital Workplace

A variation of the Approval request, this template shows a prominent number instead of the "fact set" of the generic template.

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Expense report and approval

A detailed Expense Approval template made with Adaptive Card for a microapp or to use within a chatbot

This template shows off the strength of Adaptive Cards. It has multiple sections that each can expand to reveal more details or let you leave a comment. The template also contains a set of Action buttons that let you approve or deny the request.

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Form Adaptive Card templates

New PTO Request

A workflow form being filled out as an Adaptive Card

Forms are a strong reason why businesses should convert around Adaptive Cards. They're built to be portable from the ground up, allowing users to fill them out on their phones or on the big screen. This template shows off multiple different form types for a new annual leave request.

Using the API of an existing HR app it could even conveniently co-display the users remaining allowance in the context of their new request.

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An Adaptive Card notification template ideal for SharePoint or to notify users via MS Teams

There could literally be a thousand use cases for showing the user a notification, e.g. after a Webhook triggered. Just think of all the times you would normally receive a static email, but with Adaptive Card you could instead select a preferred action, leave a comment or quickly approve something.

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Internal comms Adaptive Card templates

Corporate news item

A corporate news story as an Adaptive Card which could be shown inside a chatbot or an Intranet

An attractive display for a Corporate news or Internal comms article, posted on a CMS or Intranet. It sports an avatar of the author, as well as a Like and Comment button (the latter of which reveals a comment section on click). Both the Likes and Comments could be fed back to the Intranet of choice via its API.

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Workplace Anniversary

A HR Adaptive Card template designed for better employee reward and user satisfaction

A groovy way to delight a user by sending them quick greetings about birthdays or anniversaries. This template could be quickly adapted by changing the illustration and verbiage to thank users for a reached project milestone, give Kudos after a deal was won, etc.

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Corporate video

A rich media Adaptive Card template showing a video and Learn More button ideal for knowledge management or training

Having the opportunity to embed rich media into Adaptive Cards make them ideal an ideal candidate for mobile knowledge management solutions. Just ask a question and watch the answer demonstrated by video. Other user cases could cover training on the go, or just Corporate news and vlogs.

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List templates for Adaptive Cards

Basic list item

Basic Adaptive Card list item template with preview image and Action button

Simply includes a title, description, timestamp – as well as an optional teaser image and button. Even though it's just a single item, through the magic of Templating you can quickly have the list repeat itself for each item in your data.

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Advanced list item

Advanced List item made in Adaptive Card with preview image and approve buttons ideal for embedding into an Intranet

This template includes a bigger title, and image, along with multiple Action buttons that would make it useful for use cases where you want to respond to something, i.e. by approving, commenting, etc.

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Interactive list

An Adaptive Card that shows a list of users whose requests can be approved with a button click, ideal for embedding into SharePoint or an Intranet

This list is focused on the users in it, making it ideal for messages, tasks or approvals. Although compact in appearance, the ellipsis button could reveal further options in a separate section.

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Are you considering to use Adaptive Cards for your next project? Despite attractive layouts and easy data connections, there are some pitfalls you should consider before jumping on the bandwagon.

I hope you have found a suitable template as the basis for your own customizations. Just hit the Use this template button to load the template into the Adaptive Cards Designer and make your changes. Once you're done, deploy the Card to a channel of your choice.

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Article by Henry Amm

I’m the Senior Director for the Digital Assistant Platform. Prevously gained 6 years of experience as an Intranet consultant. Fluent in German.

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Author portrait

Article by: Henry Amm

I’m the Senior Director for the Digital Assistant Platform. Prevously gained 6 years of experience as an Intranet consultant. Fluent in German.

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