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adenin announces new branding for 2019

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adenin is excited to announce a long-awaited rebranding of some of its brands.

A new adenin logo

After now 20 years the current rectangular logo is finally ready for retirement. Farewell, old pal. 👋

adenin's new 2019 branding

As our new logo we now use the adenin "Infinite intelligence" symbol that is already part of the Digital Assistant and adenin AI identity.

We strive to become the dominant enterprise AI platform by expanding our range of "smart" enterprise applications. The infinite intelligence symbol already denotes smart suggestions and recommendations our Now Assistant platform identifies in customer data. And in the near future we are set to see the range of "adenin AI" products expand which is reflected in the elevation of the infinite intelligence symbol to be adorning the new adenin corporate logo.

The company name adenin TECHNOLOGIES remains unchanged and customers will not experience any disruption to their services.

Now Assistant becomes Digital Assistant

Now Assistant is now Digital Assistant

As a ground-breaking product, Now Assistant was the world's first AI assistant for the workplace and has made significant contributions to the definition of a digital employee experience. This claim is backed up by the many critically-acclaimed awards Now Assistant has won since, among them the prestigious Digital Workplace Group Digital Workplace of the Year award 2018.

Digital Workplace and Digital Transformation have since become the dominating concepts and paradigms through which we and our customers approach the next generation of employee experiences.

With that in mind, we have decided to rename Now Assistant to Digital Assistant and you will see this name change reflected inside our product over the coming weeks.

Message from adenin

Article by: Henry Amm

I’m the Senior Director for the Digital Assistant Platform. Prevously gained 6 years of experience as an Intranet consultant. Fluent in German.

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