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How to upgrade your daily commute with Android Auto

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Unless you're fortunate enough to be a remote worker, commuting is an unfortunate but necessary part of the daily grind. And the odds are that you probably drive to work, on your own, for almost half an hour. For most, that works out to five hours of dead time every week, half of which is spent stuck in traffic while your brain tries to wake up before you arrive at the office (where you inevitably need to spend half an hour pounding coffee and a croissant before you can open your inbox). It's not a fantastic use of time, especially when you could be spending it much more productively.

27 minutes spent commuting could be spent more productively with Digital Assistant

Android Auto is an app developed by Google, which allows you to mirror applications from your phone onto your in-car head unit with a simple, driver-friendly interface. Some cars come with Android Auto preinstalled, while others can access the functionality by connecting an Android phone to the car - but in both cases, you can control the app (and other Android Auto supported apps) with your voice, and Android Auto will read responses to you. You can also control the app through touch if your device supports it.

Accessing Digital Assistant on Android Auto

The Android Auto interface whilst using Digital Assistant

If you're one of those people that struggles to engage their brain in the early hours of the morning, Android Auto makes it simple to play music through your favourite apps, such as Spotify or Google Play Music. If you're more into audiobooks, Audible and other podcasting applications are available with Android Auto support. But if you really want to make the most of your morning commute, you can start sorting through your emails, approvals and calendar reminders with Digital Assistant and Android Auto - so you can focus on your tasks as soon as you arrive at the office (or have a peaceful cup of coffee - that's up to you!)

Digital Assistant integrates seamlessly with Android Auto via the Google Assistant action. By simply asking Google to 'speak to Digital Workplace', you can ask your personal smart assistant anything - whether that's for a summary of your inbox, an overview of today's meetings, whether you have any pending approvals or to make a reminder to check something when you get to work. You can even ask for Digital Assistant's in-built schedules; request your morning briefing to get an overview of everything you need to get up to speed with your upcoming workday.

Because Digital Assistant supports integrations with all of your favourite enterprise applications, you can safely and securely access your data on-the-go, with only your voice; you don't need any additional apps on your device. The Digital Assistant action for Android Auto also supports conversations, meaning you can take action in addition to asking questions - making tackling workflows and approvals simple, even if you're stuck in traffic.

Watch Digital Assistant and Android Auto in action, including a quick overview of how to set up Android Auto with your vehicle or device, in the video below. You'll wonder how you ever made it through your commute without it!

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Article by Henry Amm

I’m the Senior Director for the Digital Assistant Platform. Prevously gained 6 years of experience as an Intranet consultant. Fluent in German.

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Author portrait

Article by: Henry Amm

I’m the Senior Director for the Digital Assistant Platform. Prevously gained 6 years of experience as an Intranet consultant. Fluent in German.

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