AI Chatbot, Comparisons, Digital Workplace

7 things to consider before building an IBM Watson assistant chatbot

We recently documented our own experiment to build an IBM Watson Assistant chatbot with Atlassian. If you're thinking about doing the same, you could benefit from the lessons we learned. 😉 1. Docs can work against...

Comparisons, Digital Workplace

Whatever happened to these mobile SaaS acronyms?

A couple of years ago a bunch of acronyms seem to have defined the conversation, among them combinations like MEAP, MADP or MBaaS. What ever happened to these? Let's find out... MADP – The summary term Short...

Comparisons, Digital Workplace

Oracle Digital Assistant comparison

If you're evaluating Digital Assistant options for your workforce, you will almost certainly come across some of the big name vendors and their solutions. It's not always easy to compare the ins and outs of...

AI Chatbot, Comparisons, Digital Workplace

[Updated 2020] Alexa vs. Google Assistant - what's best for workplace apps?

Most organizations looking towards smart speakers for their Digital Workplaces fall into one of two categories: Create a smart office where employees can use voice commands for certain actionsEnable employees to access some of their data...

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