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The 6 best apps for Viva Connections

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Viva Connections' dashboard is a fresh, new take on an intranet dashboard. Available both on SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, in a recent overhaul the dashboard has become even more central on the Viva homepage. ...

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6 intelligent workplace trends for 2022: Hip or Hype?

1. Cloud storage + collaborationMany organizations still send attachments through emails instead of consistently using OneDrive or similar tools. However, with working from home, the pressure to innovate has had some incredible results where cloud...

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7 things to consider before building an IBM Watson assistant chatbot

We recently documented our own experiment to build an IBM Watson Assistant chatbot with Atlassian. If you're thinking about doing the same, you could benefit from the lessons we learned. 😉1. Docs can work against...

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Whatever happened to these mobile SaaS acronyms?

A couple of years ago a bunch of acronyms seem to have defined the conversation, among them combinations like MEAP, MADP or MBaaS. What ever happened to these? Let's find out...MADP – The summary termShort...

Comparisons, Digital Workplace

Oracle Digital Assistant vs adenin comparison (Updated Dec '20)

So you're thinking about starting a project with Oracle's Digital Assistant, but came across this site for adenin Digital Assistant. In this article we have compared them both, and found similarities and differences that could...

AI Chatbot, Comparisons, Digital Workplace

Alexa vs. Google Assistant - what's best for workplace apps? (Updated '21)

There are two types of opportunities for smart speakers to create a better digital workplace:Create a smart office where employees can use voice commands for certain actionsSupport working from home setups for you or your...

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