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Best practices for selecting an AI chatbot platform

If you're interested in creating a chatbot solution for your workplace, you will often find yourself considering primarily customer-facing platforms. In this guide we help you find evaluation criteria that help you decide which solution...

AI Chatbot, Digital Workplace

The most popular workplace chatbot use case examples

It's easy to find AI chatbot ideas for consumer or customer-facing applications, like shopping assistants, customer service or flight booking bots – almost any service can be reincarnated as a chatbot. But if you're looking to...

AI Chatbot, Digital Workplace

How to create a Botpress workplace chatbot using business data

Botpress is an unusual offering in the landscape of AI chatbots: It's open-source which immediately puts it at the top of the list for many people. It's free and can be installed on your own...

AI Chatbot, Digital Workplace

Top 3 smart office assistant devices you need to know about (with screenshots)

Just like the Alexa in your kitchen, smart office devices exist to make your day-to-day job easier. Gartner predicts that 25% of workers will use digital assistants every day by 2021, and it's no surprise...

AI Chatbot, Digital Workplace

Free tool to check your workplace's smart assistant potential


If you're like most of our customers you want to improve your digital workplace offering, but just how exactly you can do that and what products to choose can be a struggle. So you may see...

AI Chatbot, Digital Workplace

How to make an employee-facing chatbot with Dialogflow in 10 steps

Even though most chatbot projects are customer-facing, it is estimated that up to 26% of chatbots are operations focused. Google's Dialogflow is a popular platform as it's easy to setup a conversational interface with –...

AI Chatbot, Digital Workplace

Build an AI chatbot for your team in 10 steps

Building a chatbot has become relatively easy with many dedicated tools, but to make an internal chatbot for work can be a tall order. Of course it needs to be 'smart' and personalized, but crucially...

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How to make SharePoint into a successful digital workplace

Trending Topic

It’s easy to get swept up in the torrent of digital workplace solutions on offer in 2019, and all of them promise transformation on a grand scale, user engagement which is off the charts, the...

AI Chatbot, Digital Workplace, Intranets

3 Best SharePoint Add-ons you should add to your Digital Workplace

SharePoint customizations have long been a key focus area for Intranet product owners. For a long time what Add-Ons to choose was almost a bigger question than whether or not to choose SharePoint against another...

Digital Workplace, Updates

How to upgrade your daily commute with Android Auto

Unless you're fortunate enough to be a remote worker, commuting is an unfortunate but necessary part of the daily grind. And the odds are that you probably drive to work, on your own, for almost...

Comparisons, Digital Workplace

Oracle Digital Assistant comparison

If you're evaluating Digital Assistant options for your workforce, you will almost certainly come across some of the big name vendors and their solutions. It's not always easy to compare the ins and outs of...

Digital Workplace, Intranets

3 innovations for smarter Intranets

Intranet innovativeness is stagnating. With the ubiquity (and market share) of intranet software like SharePoint, it feels as though intranets have reached their 'end game' - the same old features, the same-look-but-a-different-colour-feel, and the bad...

AI Chatbot, Comparisons, Digital Workplace

Alexa vs. Google Assistant - what's best for workplace apps?

Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa are both contenders to shape up to become the dominant Smart Assistant platform at the workplace. Both are incredibly popular and widely supported, yet today there are subtle differences between...

Digital Workplace, Intranets

Infographic: The hidden costs of poor Knowledge Management


Does your organization employ a knowledge management strategy? If not, you could be in for a shock: read our infographic to learn how poor knowledge management can impact your company, and how you can turn...

Digital Workplace, Intranets

Thinking of building with Adaptive Cards? Here's what you should consider [Updated March 2020]

What is Adaptive Cards? Adaptive Cards is a Card UI framework announced by Microsoft in 2017 that aims to standardize the layouting of Cards independent of the platform.The goal is to define a Card just once,...

Digital Workplace

6 Digital Workplace Trends for 2020

The Digital Workplace is probably the most hotly discussed topic in the enterprise right now, and many companies are eager to switch up their old Intranets with something modern that not only increases employee engagement,...

AI Chatbot, Digital Workplace

3 ways voice-first digital assistants are transforming the office

Did you know that speech recognition tools have been around for six decades? In 1952 Bell Labs built AUDREY, the world’s first speech recognition tool - a six-foot high relay rack capable of recognizing digitals with 97-99%...

Digital Workplace

10 Surprising Ways Digital Assistant Can Supercharge Your Digital Employee Experience

It's no secret that most organizations struggle with their digital transformation strategy. In a typical business, 62% of employees struggle to access their data, and 75% find it challenging or annoying logging into all the applications they use...

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