Generic API integration

Many organizations have applications that can be accessed via APIs, in order to make their data securely accessible to other applications such as the Digital Assistant.

If the app you are using has an API, but is either not yet listed in this App Directory, or has been developed in-house, than you can use this Generic API connector to connect any API to Digital Assistant.

Connecting APIs to Digital Assistant allows your users to receive instant notifications from your application, and allows administrators to create Assistant Cards that users can pin to their Boards, access via one of the other Channels they use Digital Assistant with.

How to set up a Generic API connector

  1. Go to this support page and download an empty Postman template
  2. Follow the steps in the article to connect the template with your API using Postman
  3. Once finished, click the "Add to Digital Assistant" button on the left
  4. Upload your connector to the Assistant
  5. Follow the steps in the admin area to select Cards, and finish the configuration

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