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Last updated Jan 05 2021

Google Assistant integration

Digital Assistant channel This is a channel which lets you embed Digital Assistant features into this app, making it easier to use.

Using Google Assistant for business? The Digital Assistant skill for Google Assistant makes managing your workday a breeze. Want to know how much PTO you have right from the kitchen, submit an expense report from the gym or go through your approvals in the car? Just tell Google Assistant to "talk to Digital Assistant" to access all of your business apps and data from any device.

The Digital Assistant Google Assistant app is designed for enterprise use. Easily connect all of your cloud and on-premise corporate data sources, and create a single point of access to all your documents, information and apps.

With a voice controlled smart assistant, your organization can drastically improve its employee experience. By putting your enterprise data at your fingertips, you can simplify daily tasks, save valuable time and improve productivity. Your data and favorite tools are always accessible via any device that runs Google Assistant, including Google Home, Android phones, smart displays and more.

  • Access your business applications and data from any Google Assistant device
  • Ask your smart assistant to perform actions or find information and get an instant response
  • Receive notifications from applications when notable events occur
  • Android Auto ready - get more out of your time spent commuting and prepare for your day with your AI assistant, accessible in your car

Ready to supercharge your workplace productivity? It's quick and easy to add the Digital Assistant action to your workplace Google Assistant devices. Just add the Digital Workplace Action to your Google Assistant and ask Google to "speak to Digital Workplace". Get started today and see the difference Digital Assistant can make.

Google Assistant skill

Want to add Digital Assistant to your Google Assistant devices?

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