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IntelliEnterprise Intranet integration IntelliEnterprise Intranet integration Digital Assistant logoAdd to Digital AssistantLast updated Jun 16 2020

IntelliEnterprise Intranet integration

Digital Assistant channel This is a channel which lets you embed Digital Assistant features into this app, making it easier to use.

Make working together better with the Digital Assistant integration for IntelliEnterprise Intranet. The award-winning IntelliEnterprise Intranet Software fully integrates Digital Assistant into the IntelliEnterprise UI. Choose to either invoke Digital Assistant as a fixed sidebar, embed your entire Board in any "Category", or include IntelliEnterprise search results in Digital Assistant and vice versa.

Digital Assistant helps you bring your Intranet to the next level, with AI-powered search and an innovative Card UI. It's always available to answer questions, perform tasks and send real-time notifications.

The Digital Assistant integration for IntelliEnterprise Intranet can breathe a fresh lease of life into your Intranet, making it easier than ever to manage documents, collaborate and manage your workflows.

  • Fully integrate with the IntelliEnterprise Intranet UI - embed Cards, experience a united search and connect instantly to your IntelliEnterprise applications
  • Search across all of your documents and knowledge base sources from any device - even with your voice
  • Get AI-powered suggestions across the suite of IntelliEnterprise apps and tools to make getting things done easier than ever

Ready to supercharge your intranet with the addition of a digital workplace Assistant? Get started today and see the difference Digital Assistant can make to your workplace.

Digital Assistant Sidebar

Access Digital Assistant from anywhere inside your IntelliEnterprise Intranet installation with the IntelliEnterprise integration. Ask questions and receive AI powered answers and real-time notifications at the push of a button by invoking Digital Assistant, or keep your Assistant at your fingertips with the fixed integrated sidebar.

Digital Assistant Embed into IntelliEnterprise

Get the Digital Assistant app experience directly inside your IntelliEnterprise intranet. You can embed your entire Board into IntelliEnterprise Categories, so you can interact with your Assistant just as though you were using the app.

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