Netlify integration

Netlify integration

Digital Assistant integration powered by Zapier

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Using Netlify as part of your development workflow? Keep a close eye on the status of your ongoing Netlify builds with the Netlify integration for Digital Assistant.

Your smart workplace Assistant sends you real-time updates to your Board whenever a build has failed. That makes monitoring super easy. Especially when you have multiple people on a team triggering deploys, this Card helps everyone to realize a build is failing sooner compared to relying on email notifications alone.

You can even customize this Card further to match your needs

Customize the Netlify Adaptive Card

  1. Updates for other build statuses
    Since this app is powered via Zapier, you could create similar Zaps using the other deploy notifications provided by Netlify. For instance, this would allow you to also create Zaps for your started and succeeded builds. Digital Assistant will show all Zaps inside of the same Card, as long as you use the same title for all Zaps.
  2. Change the layout of the Card
    The Netlify Card uses Adaptive Card for the layout, which are nifty and easy to change. Just open the Card in the Designer by clicking the button

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