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Outlook integration Outlook integration Digital Assistant logoAdd to Digital AssistantLast updated Jul 15 2020

Outlook integration

Conveniently access important emails, like flagged or unread ones, from your Assistant. Either place a Card on your Board for permanently monitoring your inbox or simply enable notifications and never miss when something is happening in the inbox you would like to monitor.

The Outlook Inbox integration works for individual, delegated or shared Office365 mail inboxes and is especially useful for easy monitoring of inboxes shared throughout the organization, i.e. support@, info@, etc.

Flagged Mail

See all mail items from a specific account that are flagged or due.

Show me flagged Outlook mails Show me emails in Outlook

My Inbox

Shows you the latest message in your inbox. Emails are showing color-coded to show unread, flagged or important state.

Show me Outlook mail Do I have mail in Outlook?

Test Card to be removed

Allow your users to rapidly open a new ticket in your Helpdesk software by simply asking their Assistant chatbot for help. The chatbot lets them fill out the form directly so they don't have to leave the chat.

I want to create a Zoho ticket Create a Zoho case

Unread Mail

See all items from the selected mailbox that are unread. Ideal for monitoring shared inboxes for Sales, Support, etc.

Show me unread Outlook mail Do I have any unread mail in Outlook?

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