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Postman Postman Digital Assistant logoAdd to Digital AssistantLast updated May 04 2021


Developers worldwide use Postman to connect to APIs and manage authentication. With the Postman integration for Digital Assistant we extend Postman's functionality, by letting you project API data directly on Cards inside Digital Assistant.

You can define lists, transform data and tweak layouts right in Postman and verify your results in the in-app Card preview tab. Once your Card works, just upload it to Digital Assistant and that's it. With the Postman integration organizations can easily connect their Assistant to any app with an API or customize existing apps from the App Directory if they want to change what they display.

  • Showing API data via Postman inside your Digital Workplace is easy to learn, very versatile and contributes to a modern intranet portal experience
  • You can create Cards based off of our pre-built templates, or design completely new Cards to meet your business needs
  • Use our library or build your own Card templates to show interactive previews of your Card right inside Postman

Postman logo Learn how to make your own API connector for Digital Assistant using Postman as the API connection and debugging tool

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