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Modernize your CRM platform by bringing your Postman data
straight to your organizations' Sharepoint Search instance

Improve employee happiness by 16%

Never miss another update with real-time Postman data

Make better use of your Sharepoint Search investment

1. Install the Sharepoint Search integration

You can simply add our adenin platform to Sharepoint Search by following the below button

2. Connect your Postman account

by securely authenticating and selecting a data source


Integration of Postman data into Sharepoint Search

3. Receive your live data

and never risk Sharepoint Search users missing another update

Your Postman data
Finished connector results in your Postman data being embedded into Sharepoint Search
Connect Postman to Sharepoint Search now

Developers worldwide use Postman to connect to APIs and manage authentication. With the Postman integration for Digital Assistant we extend Postman's functionality, by letting you project API data directly on Cards inside Digital Assistant.

You can define lists, transform data and tweak layouts right in Postman and verify your results in the in-app Card preview tab. Once your Card works, just upload it to Digital Assistant and that's it. With the Postman integration organizations can easily connect their Assistant to any app with an API or customize existing apps from the App Directory if they want to change what they display.

  • Showing API data via Postman inside your Digital Workplace is easy to learn, very versatile and contributes to a modern intranet portal experience
  • You can create Cards based off of our pre-built templates, or design completely new Cards to meet your business needs
  • Use our library or build your own Card templates to show interactive previews of your Card right inside Postman
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Users rely on Google's famous answer boxes for most casual queries, such as the weather forecast or answers aggregated from the top results. With this channel, you can add a similar experience to your SharePoint intranet.

We call them Answer Cards, because they are made using Adaptive Cards. And it can have a transformative effect on your SharePoint search experience:

  • Create your own Adaptive Cards with live data from 3rd party apps, for example by starting off with a template

  • Teach the built-in AI to recognize natural language commands users might say when they would like to see your Card

  • Find all your Adaptive Cards with the Answer Card web part for SharePoint that lets you enter natural full-length questions or short commands

  • Build a bank of QnA knowledge with Digital Assistant that can give further answers to SharePoint users, for example for FAQs

Combine Adaptive Cards with PnP Modern Search

See an Answer Card in-between the PnP Search box and PnP Search Results

Built as an open-source SharePoint extension that's maintained by Microsoft, PnP Modern Search is a popular replacement for SharePoint's built-in more limited search experience. It offers more granular search UI options, for example extra refiners, search suggestions and control over how results are displayed.

If you already use PnP Modern Search, the Answer Card web part can be switched into a PnP mode where it receives the search input directly from PnP's search bar.

This effectively makes the web part an additional improvement to search pages previously made with PnP Modern Search. The best thing is, if the Answer Card web part doesn't find a suitable Card to show the user, it stays completely hidden.

How to make Adaptive Cards for SharePoint's Search

Making your first Adaptive Card for your new SharePoint search is easy with the built-in Adaptive Card Designer. Simply add the Answer Card web part to your SharePoint page, and then open the configuration panel.

There you can simply click on Add new Answer Card to bring up an empty new Adaptive Card in the built-in Designer. The Adaptive Card Designer is a graphical designer that allows you to drag-and-drop different elements into your Card.

Travel Request Card from Concur Travel Request Card from Concur
Business travel request Card Business travel request Card
User profile block
Image block Image block

You can even teach the built-in natural language processing to recognize this Card through user questions, by clicking on Add training phrases. Once you have a design saved, just search for it in the Answer Card web part by asking it one of the pre-trained sentences.

All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used on this website are for identification purposes only. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement.