Easily integrate your ServiceNow® data into Microsoft Teams with our integration

Modernize your CRM platform by bringing your ServiceNow® data
straight to your organizations' Microsoft Teams instance

Improve employee happiness by 16%

Never miss another update with real-time ServiceNow® data

Make better use of your Microsoft Teams investment

1. Install the Microsoft Teams integration

You can simply add our adenin platform to Microsoft Teams by following the below button

2. Connect your ServiceNow® account

by securely authenticating and selecting a data source


Integration of ServiceNow® data into Microsoft Teams

3. Receive your live data

and never risk Microsoft Teams users missing another update

Your ServiceNow® data
Finished connector results in your ServiceNow® data being embedded into Microsoft Teams
Connect ServiceNow® to Microsoft Teams now

Surface data from the ServiceNow® platform inside your Digital Assistant, either on your Board or by directly asking your smart chatbot.

  • Create Adaptive Cards using ServiceNow API endpoints which you can embed inside your intranet, for example SharePoint
  • Train the Digital Assistant chatbot to show users their ServiceNow data as well as notifying users in real-time when there are new updates in their ServiceNow
  • Create a chatbot for Teams or Slack using ServiceNow data that can bring up records and submit new cases for the user – without having to open ServiceNow in a new window

Get instant updates pushed to an Adaptive Card on your Digital Assistant Board which lists recent ServiceNow incidents using live data from the ServiceNow API

Digital Assistant logoInstall this Card

This is the perfect Card for users to instantly create new cases in your ServiceNow platform. They can search for this Card using the Digital Assistant chatbot, or just permanently pin it to their Board for easy access.

Digital Assistant logoInstall this Card

Create Adaptive Cards using data from the ServiceNow platform

Travel Request Card from Concur Travel Request Card from Concur
Business travel request Card Business travel request Card
User profile block
Image block Image block

Being the central backbone for many organizations, ServiceNow offers dozens of API endpoints that you can add to your Digital Workplace experience. Popular APIs, including dozens of endpoints in each, that are supported by Digital Assistant include:

  • Account API (Customer Service Management chatbot)
  • Case API (Customer Service Management chatbot)
  • Contact API (Customer Service Management chatbot)
  • Email API
  • Service Order Open API
  • Trouble Ticket Open API

Digital Assistant logoMake an Adaptive Card using ServiceNow data

How to setup the connector for ServiceNow®

  1. Click the Install now button (top right-hand corner) which will redirect you to a configuration page for the connector
  2. Keep this page open
  3. In a new tab, open up your ServiceNow instance. There navigate to All → Application Registry
  4. Then add a New registration and select...

    ...that you want to Create an OAuth API endpoint for external clients
  5. On the next screen, enter the Name as "adenin" and copy just the Client ID field over to your Digital Assistant configuration screen.

    From Digital Assistant you want to then copy the Redirect URL and Logo URL across to ServiceNow. You may have to click the padlock icon first to enable these fields.
  6. Click Submit but then immediately return to the "Edit" screen for the adenin entry of the main list
  7. The Client Secret field is now filled with an auto-generated entry. Click the padlock icon to unlock it, and copy this value over to the same field in the Digital Assistant configuration screen.
  8. Returning to Digital Assistant your configuration screen will now need the final three fields filled out. To start, make a note of your instance's base URL (this can be found in the address bar)
  9. Use this domain to fill out the three remaining fields:
    Authorization Endpoint: <base URL>/oauth_auth.do
    Token Service Endpoint: <base URL>/oauth_token.do
    API Endpoint: <base URL>
  10. Click Save which will bring you to the authorization screen for ServiceNow. There simply, click Allow and you'll be redirected back to your Board
  11. And Eureka! Your ServiceNow card is now available on your Board (it may be added at the bottom of the Board). You can either modify this by clicking Edit in Designer, or make new Cards using the ServiceNow data

Receive Support for setting up the ServiceNow integration, or making Adaptive Cards using ServiceNow API data

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Ask your smart assistant as if it was just another colleague, with the intelligent chatbot for Microsoft Teams. Just ask it any question and have it pull up real-time information, or browse your pinned Cards.

The Assistant app for Microsoft Teams is a great way to upgrade your Digital Workplace experience to include an easy point of access to any other cloud apps you use in your organization. Any app Digital Assistant is connected to can be queried from the chatbot feature in the Assistant Teams app, just use a natural question and the AI engine will match your intent to available Cards.

Using Adaptive Cards, the Digital Assistant bot sends responses in the form of interactive Cards. See rich media responses including images, charts and graphs, fill out forms on-the go, and take actions with Adaptive Card buttons directly from within Microsoft Teams.

  • Directly look up data from any other cloud application with the conversational chatbot interface

  • Get real-time information in the form of Adaptive Cards which can be customized to include different layouts, interactive buttons or even charts

  • Access Cards pinned to your Board and browse your latest notifications from the Board and Notifications tab

  • Add the Assistant to group chats to pull up vital data in your group conversation and add context without having to link out to another page

MS Teams chatbot assistant with responses from business apps
The Assistant app matches a users' natural question with a built-in AI engine
Cards from your Digital Assistant Board showing in the Assistant Teams app
Notifications from business apps straight into MS Teams app
Adaptive Cards can show rich media like charts or images
Add the Assistant app to group conversations to add context
All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used on this website are for identification purposes only. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement.