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Upcoming Meetings Card

Upcoming Meetings Card

See a summary of your online and face-to-face meetings scheduled for the day

Approvals Card

Approvals Card

Manage all of your approval workflows in one place, in no time at all

Budget Update Card

Budget Update Card

See how much of the quarter's budget is left.

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Airtable integration


Receive real-time notifications as actionable links and create new records on the go

SharePoint integration


Documents, knowledge, workflows, forms and more - all of SharePoint, inside your Assistant

SAP Concur integration

SAP Concur

All expenses right inside your Assistant.

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Microsoft Teams integration

Microsoft Teams

Turn Microsoft Teams into a powerful collaboration hub with the Digital Assistant chatbot

Amazon Alexa integration

Amazon Alexa

Combine the power of an enterprise Digital Assistant with the convenience of Alexa

Workplace integration


Access all of your documents and enterprise apps with the Digital Assistant Workplace chatbot