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SharePoint intranet integration
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Events Card

Shows you all online meetings that are detected in your agenda for the day.

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Approvals Card

Shows you all pending approvals that require your attention.

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Budget Update Card

See how much of the quarter's budget is left.

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News Card

See what's new from a wide range of news sources.

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Receive notifications from Airtable as actionable links inside Digital Assistant.

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RSS Feed

Get up to date news from any feed.

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All of SharePoint right inside your Assistant.

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SAP Concur

All expenses right inside your Assistant.

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Microsoft Teams

Ask Digital Assistant anything, fill out forms, approve requests – all right inside Teams.

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Amazon Alexa

Speak to your Digital Assistant from any Alexa device.

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Workplace by Facebook bot

Use Digital Assistant as a chatbot in Workplace by Facebook.

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Slack app

Use your Assistant without ever having to leave Slack.

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