Sales Leads Card

Get all Sales contacts in a single, real-time view

With the Leads Card you can see various views of your Sales contacts taken directly from your CRM applications. Views include new leads, today's leads, unread leads, all leads and my leads.

This puts new sales leads and contacts directly at your fingertip on your Digital Assistant. As a sales manager you can see what new business came in, and which leads you are owning all with just a few simple utterances or by pinning the Card to your board.

  • Get instant notifications whenever new leads come in, or have been assigned to you
  • Directly open your contacts within your CRM application
  • Ask your Assistant whenever you want for a real-time list of all the leads you've not seen before, so it's easy to to follow-up with your team
Provides notifications Pin to Board What's the difference?
Sentences users might say Can I customize that?
Show me my new contacts Did I miss any new leads? Give me an update on which leads are new Show my leads Do I have any new leads?
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