Digital Assistant Integrations

Integrations bring data in and/or out of your favorite business applications by asking for specific permissions and acting on behalf of the user.

Airtable integration integration

Airtable integration

Receive real-time notifications as actionable links and create new records on the go

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SharePoint integration integration

SharePoint integration

Documents, knowledge, workflows, forms and more - all of SharePoint, inside your Assistant

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Microsoft Teams integration integration

Microsoft Teams integration

Turn Microsoft Teams into a powerful collaboration hub with the Digital Assistant chatbot

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Amazon Alexa integration integration

Amazon Alexa integration

Combine the power of an enterprise Digital Assistant with the convenience of Alexa

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Workplace integration integration

Workplace integration

Access all of your documents and enterprise apps with the Digital Assistant Workplace chatbot

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Slack integration integration

Slack integration

Accomplish more and stay focused in Slack chats with the Digital Assistant Slack app

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Webex Teams integration integration

Webex Teams integration

Access your enterprise data in chats and Webex Teams meetings with the Digital Assistant chatbot

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Chrome extension integration

Chrome extension

Get smart suggestions and notifications, and access your work apps from anywhere on the web

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Google Assistant integration integration

Google Assistant integration

Add the Digital Workplace Google Assistant skill for AI-powered insights at home and on the go

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SharePoint Online Add-in integration

SharePoint Online Add-in

Embed Cards, access your smart assistant quickly and get AI-powered search suggestions inside SharePoint

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Browser extensions integration

Browser extensions

Invoke Digital Assistant from within any browser you use in your enterprise.

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IntelliEnterprise Intranet integration integration

IntelliEnterprise Intranet integration

Access your favorite Cards and personal Board and get AI-powered suggestions inside IntelliEnterprise

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Facebook Messenger integration integration

Facebook Messenger integration

Conveniently access Digital Assistant inside Facebook Messenger

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Skype for Business integration integration

Skype for Business integration

Get AI-powered answers from the Digital Assistant chatbot inside Skype for Business

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Azure Bot Services integration integration

Azure Bot Services integration

Create your own bots that work with Digital Assistant using Azure Bot Services

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Skype integration integration

Skype integration

Speak to your smart assistant inside Skype as a chatbot

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Microsoft Bot Framework integration integration

Microsoft Bot Framework integration

Create your own AI-powered enterprise chatbots using Digital Assistant Cards and suggestions

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SAP Concur integration integration

SAP Concur integration

All expenses right inside your Assistant.

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Workday integration integration

Workday integration

Human Resources application with powerful use cases.

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RSS Feed integration integration

RSS Feed integration

Get up to date news from any feed.

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Asana integration integration

Asana integration

Get updates about your Asana projects and tasks.

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Axosoft integration integration

Axosoft integration

Scrum development even more agile in your Assistant.

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Box integration integration

Box integration

All of Box, simply and seamlessly available in your smart Assistant.

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Exchange Server integration integration

Exchange Server integration

Mails, calendars, contacts and more.

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Freshdesk integration integration

Freshdesk integration

For efficient Helpdesks add this to your Assistant.

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Freshservice integration integration

Freshservice integration

Choosey Servicedesks choose Freshservice for a fresher service.

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Google Mail integration integration

Google Mail integration

The power of Gmail seamlessly integrated into your smart Assistant.

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Ping Identity integration integration

Ping Identity integration

The secure and simple PingID user authentication with Digital Assistant

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Okta integration integration

Okta integration

Allow Okta users to log into Digital Assistant with ease.

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Active Directory / AD FS integration integration

Active Directory / AD FS integration

Active Directory on-premises or in Azure as the secure gateway to SSO with Digital Assistant.

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LDAP integration integration

LDAP integration

LDAP for user synchronization

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OAuth integration integration

OAuth integration

Allow users to connect to their applications.

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SAML SSO integration integration

SAML SSO integration

Single Sign On with SAML (XML)

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Google Drive integration integration

Google Drive integration

Access all your personal and business files through Digital Assistant.

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SQL Server integration integration

SQL Server integration

Access database records, analytics and insights from SQL Server.

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SAP integration integration

SAP integration

Integrate SAP with the rest of your business. ECC 6.0 or newer

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Oracle integration integration

Oracle integration

Access database records, analytics and insights. 11g and 12c or newer

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G Suite integration integration

G Suite integration

Access the Google suite of apps and all of your files through your Digital Assistant

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Salesforce integration integration

Salesforce integration

Supports Sales Cloud, Exacttarget Marketing Cloud and Salesforce1 Platform

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Zapier integration integration

Zapier integration

Let hundreds of enterprise applications trigger notifications in Digital Assistant

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Office 365 integration integration

Office 365 integration

Use OneDrive for Business, and get your Email, Calendar, Contacts from Outlook

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Yammer integration integration

Yammer integration

Access your organization's data from Yammer via Digital Assistant

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Podio integration integration

Podio integration

Get notifications about Podio projects and updates from your team.

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OneDrive integration integration

OneDrive integration

Access all your personal and business files and receive change notifications.

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Standalone Users integration integration

Standalone Users integration

Create users manually without syncing them to existing identity sources

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ODBC Databases integration integration

ODBC Databases integration

Integrate ODBC-driver databases like MongoDB with your other business apps.

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Pocket integration integration

Pocket integration

Access your saved Pocket articles, videos and more within Digital Assistant.

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Chatter integration integration

Chatter integration

Connect to Chatter by Salesforce, the enterprise social network tool

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Jive integration integration

Jive integration

Access and update tasks and stay up to date on your team's goals.

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Userecho integration integration

Userecho integration

See and update tickets, share conversations and receive forum updates.

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Dropbox integration integration

Dropbox integration

Access all your files through Digital Assistant. Personal and business

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Google Calendar integration integration

Google Calendar integration

Receive meeting and event notifications and updates from within Digital Assistant

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Google Docs integration integration

Google Docs integration

Find and share Google Docs documents, and receive edit notifications.

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SAP Fieldglass integration integration

SAP Fieldglass integration

Access your HR management system and control your finances on any device.

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Demo mode integration integration

Demo mode integration

Randomized data for quick Proof of Concept setups

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SAP SuccessFactors integration integration

SAP SuccessFactors integration

Access your cloud-based HCM system anywhere, anytime

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Zoho People integration integration

Zoho People integration

Manage your people processes with Zoho People and Digital Assistant

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Atlassian Jira integration integration

Atlassian Jira integration

Stay on top of your software development lifecycle with Digital Assistant and Jira

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Trello integration integration

Trello integration

See your Trello boards, lists and cards inside Digital Assistant

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Hubspot integration integration

Hubspot integration

Connect with Hubspot CRM to view your tickets and leads inside Digital Assistant.

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Zoho Desk integration integration

Zoho Desk integration

For efficient Helpdesks add this to your Assistant.

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Zendesk integration integration

Zendesk integration

Provide outstanding customer service with the Zendesk integration for Digital Assistant

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Wrike integration integration

Wrike integration

Supercharge your project planning and management with Wrike and Digital Assistant

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Todoist integration integration

Todoist integration

Keep track of your to-do list with Todoist

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Google Tasks integration integration

Google Tasks integration

Get things done with Digital Assistant and Google Tasks

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Zoho CRM integration integration

Zoho CRM integration

Build better customer relationships with Zoho CRM and Digital Assistant

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Google Analytics integration integration

Google Analytics integration

Unleash the power of your data with Google Analytics and Digital Assistant

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Weekdone integration integration

Weekdone integration

Achieve more with the Digital Assistant Weekdone integration

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Wave Financial integration integration

Wave Financial integration

Access reports and functionality from Wave Financial apps inside Digital Assistant

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Monday integration integration

Monday integration

Get updates about your Monday projects and tasks inside Digital Assistant

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Intercom integration integration

Intercom integration

Get live-chat notifications, actionable reports and more from Intercom on any device

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Google Ads integration integration

Google Ads integration

Make smarter marketing decisions with Google Ads and Digital Assistant

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GitLab integration integration

GitLab integration

Supercharge your software delivery lifecycle with GitLab and Digital Assistant

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GitHub integration integration

GitHub integration

Smarter software development with GitHub and Digital Assistant

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Clickup integration integration

Clickup integration

Get updates about your Clickup projects and tasks inside Digital Assistant

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Zoho Expense integration integration

Zoho Expense integration

Create and approve expenses and payments with only your voice

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Coupa integration integration

Coupa integration

Submit and manage expense reports in seconds

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Freshping integration integration

Freshping integration

Proactively monitor your server status and get real-time status change notifications

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Briefing integration integration

Briefing integration

Make data sources work together better with Digital Assistant

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Netlify integration integration

Netlify integration

Monitor the status of all your Netlify builds and receive notifications in real-time

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IEX Cloud integration integration

IEX Cloud integration

See financial data and news from a wide range of sources inside Digital Assistant

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Enterprise Search integration integration

Enterprise Search integration

See Card responses directly inside your Enterprise Search results

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Outlook integration integration

Outlook integration

See emails, manage meetings and view contact information from within Digital Assistant

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Webchat integration integration

Webchat integration

Embed Digital Assistant on any website for easy access

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