SAP integration

Integrate SAP with the rest of your business. ECC 6.0 or newer

Digital Assistant frees your ERP system from data silos, so you can access business-critical information when you need it, wherever you need it.

Get financial reporting updates and alerts, supply chain notifications, customer insights and more, or query any of your SAP applications directly from your Digital Assistant.

Supports SSO Supports real-time notifications
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AI Trending Documents

Shows you AI-powered suggestions for documents you might find useful

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Annual Leave Status

See how much annual leave you have remaining.

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Shows you who has a birthday today or this week.

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Budget Update

See how much of the quarter's budget is left.

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See what options are available on today's menu.

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Shows you current and upcoming events such as work anniversaries

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See alerts about fire drills, building maintenance and other facilities updates.

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See relevant financial updates pertaining to your role

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Shows you new company merchandise which is in stock and available to order

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Occupational Safety

Get notifications about fire alarm tests and more

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Shows you payroll information including due dates and totals

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Rental Car

Helps you book a rental car for business trips from approved providers

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Shows you updates on available and scheduled training classes as well as upcoming lessons.

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Travel Policy

See your company travel policies

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Your Commute

See personalized real-time information about your commute

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