G Suite integration
Updated Apr 10 2019 Add to Digital Assistant

G Suite integration

Access the Google suite of apps and all of your files through your Digital Assistant

Seamless access to Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive and Calendar within your Digital Assistant.

Search through all of your emails and files, get notified about changes in your favourite documents and files, and get updates and reminders for events in your Google Calendar with Digital Assistant.

Pin priority documents, files and meetings to your board for easy access and at-a-glance updates.

Supports SSO Supports real-time notifications
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AI Trending Documents

Shows you AI-powered suggestions for documents you might find useful

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Shows you who has a birthday today or this week.

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See key updates and alerts for sales meetings, goals, budgets and more

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Shows you current and upcoming events such as work anniversaries

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Cloud Files

Search for and access documents across multiple cloud storage services

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Shows you an overview of your inbox and highlights emails for your attention

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Mark Your Calendar

See a summary of notable upcoming events from your calendar

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My Documents

Quickly find and access your documents with Digital Assistant

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Online Meeting

Shows you meeting reminders including attendee information and more

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Sales Suggestions

See AI-powered suggestions for your sales cycle

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Upcoming Meetings

See a summary of your online and face-to-face meetings scheduled for the day

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Watch YouTube and other video sources

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Your Commute

See personalized real-time information about your commute

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