Intercom Integration
Published Apr 11 2019 Add to Digital Assistant

Intercom integration

Get live-chat notifications, actionable reports and more from Intercom on any device

Managing your customer lifecycle has never been easier with the Digital Assistant Intercom integration. Your smart assistant can send live notifications when customers engage with your chats, as well as daily and weekly reports detailing how customers engaged with your online presence and communications. You can even respond to chats and emails directly from within Digital Assistant - so providing great customer service is easy as can be.

Create your own personalized Board in Digital Assistant and pin graphs, charts and tables as Cards - so you can see at a glance how your campaigns are performing, what your average response times are and how satisfied your customers are. Need more information? Just click on a Card to open Intercom and see more detail, or ask your smart assistant a question and receive an AI-powered response.

Supports SSO Supports real-time notifications
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