Microsoft Cortana integration

Hey Cortana, ask my Digital Assistant anything - and get instant AI powered answers

Using Cortana at work can make both easy tasks and complex processes faster and easier than ever. The Digital Assistant skill for Microsoft Cortana allow you to extend the functionality of your Cortana devices with the power of an AI assistant. Add the Digital Assistant Cortana skill to access to the power of your smart workplace assistant from any Cortana device.

The Digital Assistant Alexa skill is designed for enterprise use. Easily connect all of your cloud and on-premise corporate data sources, and create a single point of access to all your documents, information and apps.

With the Digital Assistant Cortana skill, simply ask Cortana to perform any day-to-day business task: "create a new helpdesk ticket", "request PTO", or "give me an overview of my calendar today". Your smart assistant will make it happen in seconds!

  • Access your business applications and data from any Cortana enabled device
  • Ask your smart assistant to perform actions or find information and get an instant response
  • Using the Adaptive Cards standard, the Digital Assistant bot sends responses in the form of interactive Cards. See rich media responses including images, charts and graphs, as well as buttons which let you take direct action
  • Receive notifications from applications when notable events occur as desktop notifications on supported devices

Ready to enhance Cortana and give your organization a productivity boost? It's quick and easy to add the Digital Assistant Cortana skill to your workplace. Get started today and see the difference Digital Assistant can make.