POC Genie integration

Rub the genie lamp to get almost believable data for your smart Assistant.

The POC Genie is a data generator that will magically create meeting rooms, colleague names, events, support tickets, etc. for your Digital Assistant.

This way you can quickly get a feel for Digital Assistant and its capabilities without having to actually connect it to any of your data.

Genie helps create the illusion that the data might even be real by granting you at least three configuration wishes: Enter your own colleagues names, office locations, conference room names, etc. which will be part of the mix of data that genie generates.

Then you can share the Digital Assistant with your colleagues and they might believe you've been working all weekend to get the Proof of Concept running – but it really took you just 5 minutes.

Rub the genie lamp now by clicking the 'Add to your Digital Assistant' button below.

Supports SSO Supports real-time notifications
Contains these Cards How do I get Cards?


See a summary of your online and face-to-face meetings scheduled for the day

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See and manage open Helpdesk cases, tickets and feedback

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