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RSS Feed integration

Get up to date news from any feed.

RSS Feeds are a popular standard to share lists and feeds from blogs or other services over the Internet. As a precursor to JSON the Assistant transforms RSS Feeds and adds in a Delta recognition to keep track of items which allows to identify only new items by comparing the entire feed to the last input that was received.

You can use the RSS Feed for anything from News, over List Cards to creating specific use cases like showing local transportation updates.

Supports SSO Supports real-time notifications
Contains these Cards How do I get Cards?

AI Trending Documents

Shows you AI-powered suggestions for documents you might find useful

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See what options are available on today's menu.

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Company Stock

Get at-a-glance updates on company stocks

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Issues and Defects Tracker

At-a-glance information on open and assigned issues

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See what's new from a wide range of news sources.

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See Tweets from your organization and the people you follow

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