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Harness the power of artificial intelligence with Digital Assistant.

During the last two years, more data has been created than the rest of human history combined. Of that, less than 0.5% of all data is ever analysed and used. Organizations use less than half of the data available to them when making a business decision, and the average employee wastes a quarter of their workday looking for information.

There's a better way - Digital Assistant is here and ready to help you manage your data at an enterprise level. Filter through the noise of applications, services, emails and updates and focus on what's important with an AI-powered solution capable of handling as much data as you can shake a stick at.

Built in voice search with artificial intelligence powered natural language processing

Smart enterprise search

Speak directly to Digital Assistant via built-in voice recognition technology, and through natural language processing your intelligent assistant will determine the intent behind your request. Ask Digital Assistant “Who is Kate’s manager?” - and you'll receive Kate's report-to contact information within seconds.

With Parallel Search, you'll get your search results quicker than ever before. Digital Assistant can search in all connected data sources at once, and feed relevant results back to you in near real-time. The AI engine determines which results are most relevant to your search, so you can spend less time looking and more time doing.

Machine learning

Data is power. By understanding your ambient profile - your role, tasks, timezones etc. - adenin AI tailors your individual experience, ensuring you see exactly what you need, when you need it. You'll only see card feeds and updates which are relevant to you, unless you search for it.

Machine learning algorithms observe and adjust to your preferences; things you search for frequently can be added to your permanent feed, and cards you interact with less often can be removed from your feed altogether. If you check Digital Assistant for updates less frequently, your updates can be consolidated into one card.

Machine learning technology for your business
Predictive suggestions powered by artificial intelligence

Predictive suggestions

Save time and effort with predictive suggestions. With pre-defined 'utterances', Digital Assistant uses AI to suggest relevant searches as you type - making it easier than ever to find what you're looking for, and to know what you're able to find.

Set smart triggers to facilitate predictive notifications. The smart enterprise AI in Digital Assistant can monitor data, such as the stock price or system backup logs, and send alerts to you based on it's value. Stop trawling through logs and repeatedly checking for status updates during the day - let your data do the work for you.

Experience the benefits

  • Reduce data disenfranchisement

    Using artificial intelligence in the enterprise makes combining all your data sources into one hub possible. Experience instant search across all your corporate data, and receive all your updates and notifications in one place, in real time. Blur the lines between individual applications and reduce data disenfranchisement - unify your data and you can unify your workplace with AI.

  • Increase employee productivity

    Employees spend an average 36% of their time looking for or consolidating information. The potential savings for even shaving just one percent off that time could be huge. By successfully uniting your company data sources into one hub, and making searching quicker and easier via AI-powered suggestions and instant Card answers, you can find what you need and get back to what you wanted to do.

  • Raise employee engagement

    Digital transformation is tough. AI makes it simple; when you have instant access to your personal AI assistant from wherever you are, the barrier between you and your data disappears. Get AI powered answers, give commands and stay up to date. Experience a better way to work with Digital Assistant, and watch employee engagement levels with your digital workplace employee experience naturally rise.

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