Assistant Cards

Boost your productivity with Assistant Cards by Digital Assistant.

Stay on top of work with Assistant Cards. Building on the concept of Google Now Cards, Assistant Cards are interactive HTML5 UI elements optimized for business use; Cards can be stacked, sorted and filtered to show real-time information from a wide variety of enterprise data sources, showing you relevant content on all your devices.

See complex data in charts and graphs, receive live notifications from all your apps, and take action with the touch of a button. See why Assistant Cards are a new UI building block for businesses that can boost your workplace productivity.

With rich cards you can take action straight from your device

Take action on the go

You shouldn't have to stop what you're doing to approve a request or accept a meeting invite. With Assistant Cards, you can take action directly from Digital Assistant - whether you’re at your desk, or in line at Starbucks, you can approve requests, trigger actions, accept meeting or chat invites and more.

Stay versatile

The Assistant Card UI allows Cards to exist as either notifications, answers, pinned cards or embedded cards - and all card types can interact with eachother. Pin cards you're interested in or want to keep at the top of your feed to receive notifications about the card, and see live updates from that data source. Receive notifications in real-time in card form, and get AI powered answers to your questions delivered to your feed as a card.

Make your information work the way you want it to with Assistant Cards
Your personal AI assistant works wherever you work with the flexible Card UI

Go borderless

The Card UI in Digital Assistant exists across all platforms. Assistant Cards are adaptive; they can be embedded into other websites (individually or as a stream), read out through chatbots or smart assistants such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, or even integrate with enterprise applications like Slack. Digital Assistant can also display cards through the Chrome extension, or even be embedded into SharePoint. Digital Assistant provides a borderless and portable employee experience, making it easier than ever to get things done.

Rich media

Include charts, modals, carousels, buttons and accordions in your Assistant Cards; it's easy to make Cards look slick and informative at a glance, whilst also offering more detailed information on demand. Built-in HTML5 elements make it easy to add additional functionality, and the Digital Assistant card builder makes designing cards tailored to your data sources simple.

Get graphs, charts and more via the HTML5 card UI elements
Your AI powered mobile assistant shows you exactly what you need to see

Artificial Intelligence

Digital Assistant's AI engine makes sure you see what you need to see first. By monitoring your past level of engagement with a Card, role-based priorities, your current device and more, your card stream is sorted to ensure you don't miss important updates throughout the day.

You'll always see cards when they are most relevant to you - whether that's immediately, as a daily summary, or when you arrive at the office. Instead of adding to the noise of emails, notifications and status updates, Digital Assistant helps you to focus on what matters.

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