The Digital Assistant SPFx extension transforms your Sharepoint intranet into a Digital Workplace

Stop SharePoint overload and create a multi-channel Digital Workplace

With the award-winning Digital Assistant organizations can give all users a personal AI-powered Assistant to find stuff, answers questions and execute commands.

Add-In for SharePoint Framework

Digital Assistant's SPFx integration can embed Cards right alongside regular SharePoint Web Parts for a native way to extend the types of information users can consume — without having to leave SharePoint.

SPFx Extension to natively display enterprise data in SharePoint
Uses Microsoft Graph API to show relevant content

Like Microsoft Delve but with third party applications

The Graph API-based tool that shows trending and relevant content is popular with users but is limited to SharePoint and OneDrive. With Digital Assistant any application you integrate can surface relevant updates to you, just when you need them.

SharePoint Digital Assistant with conversational interface

The smart assistant chatbot can understand any question using NLP. It responds to the user using Adaptive Cards, so they can take instant action or fill out and submit forms without having to leave Microsoft Teams.

Digital Assistant's SPFx extension with conversational interface

Digital Assistant Add-In for SharePoint Framework

SharePoint integration Your name was mentioned in a comment for Product Update Brochure.docx
Open document
Office 365 integration You have 4 unread emails flagged as “important” in your inbox.
Go to Outlook
Statuspage integration The API response time for Customer Portal has been on average 8000ms over the past half hour.
Open Statuspage
Webex integration It’s 5 minutes into your Marketing Check-In meeting and you haven’t joined yet.
Join meeting
Webex integration It’s 5 minutes into your Marketing Check-In meeting and you haven’t joined yet.
Join meeting
Webex integration It’s 5 minutes into your Marketing Check-In meeting and you haven’t joined yet.
Join meeting

Smart, actionable updates from any third party source

adenin AI constantly scans your data for notable events and notifies SharePoint users in real-time, making the Digital Assistant for SharePoint an integration hub — so users never have to leave SharePoint to get the latest updates.

SharePoint Digital Workplace integrations

Select from over 50 ready-to-go Connectors that you can directly pull information from into your SharePoint framework.

Adaptive Cards conversational interface

Using Natural Language Processing, Digital Assistant understands the user and gets up-to-date answers to them in the form of Adaptive Cards. These allow the user to take action or submit forms right from the Card response.

Multi-channel chatbots for any platform

For a modern SharePoint digital workplace experience all Cards can be deployed to smart assistants like Alexa or other chatbots like Slack.

Smart assistants

Chat bots

Your workplace

Speak, type, open the browser extension or even embed it into your existing Intranet. Digital Assistant goes everywhere where users already are and is not “another” app they have to go to – giving users ultimate flexibility to work however they want.

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Trusted by customers and awarded by the industry

Recognized by industry and enterprises alike

Both our customers and industry experts agree that the future of work starts with Digital Assistant, creating new opportunities for organizations to get more out of the data they already have.

SharePoint users benefit from Digital Assistant

Digital Assistant has redefined how companies can create Digital Employee Experiences. With it’s innovative API-first approach, customers have seen phenomenal improvements to workplace satisfaction, attrition rates and employee happiness.

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15% increase

in work/life balance

17% increase

in workplace satisfaction

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