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Card Hub

Our Cards are the ubiquitous canvas that we use to display answers, lists, graphs, rich media or whatever else the user needs. They are sleek, easy to scan and offer interactive elements like expanding sections, modals, forms and action buttons; so users can fly tasks without having to leave the Assistant.

Browse dozens of Card templates for Sales, IT, Sales, Management or HR from our Card Hub. Browse Cards

Main Features

Card templatesCard Templates

Choose from dozens of ready-to-go Cards from our Card Hub gallery for any role and function of your organization. All Cards can be easily combined with a number of source systems, i.e. the Helpdesk Card will be the same regardless of which particular Helpdesk software you connect it to.

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Plug-and-play IntegrationsPlug-and-Play Integrations

We offer dozens of secure integrations to enterprise SaaS products, on-premises software and databases that you can easily connect to any of the Cards from the Card Hub. This allows organizations to completely match their Digital Assistant to their digital landscape.

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Build your own AssistantBuild your own Assistant

Cards from the Card Hub Gallery can be customized so you can truly define every detail of your Cards, whether you want to change their layout, list size, level of detail or interaction pattern.

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Action buttonsActionable Interactions

Many Cards allow users to open up more detailed views in a modal as well as directly respond to a Card by approving/declining a request or typing a comment or message.

Microsoft Adaptive CardsAdaptive Cards

As a popular standard for Card UX Digital Assistant both outputs its Card as Adaptive Cards and allows you to import Adaptive Card Schema so you can easily create great looking, custom Cards for your Assistant.

Custom connectorsPostman Custom Connectors

Despite a range of built-in integrations, with Postman developers can easily connect to any API with granular control over the data that’s received and transformed. Your Postman project can then simply be imported as a custom connector to be used for Digital Assistant Cards.

Enterprise Search IntegrationRobo Connectors

You can design your own Smart bot connectors that extract data from web applications where API or database access is not feasible.

Some features are not available on all plans, please see the Pricing page for more info.