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Digital Assistant’s web app is responsively designed, so you can easily access it via any smartphone browser.

Main Features

Install on HomescreenInstall on homescreen

The web app can be installed on the homescreen of iOS or Android devices for a more native feel.

Mobile Device ManagementUse with MDM solution

We provide native app wrappers that allow you of the app via your MDM solution.

Push notificationsPush notifications

On Android or with a native iOS app Digital Assistant will send users push notifications whenever they receive a new notification.

Low bandwidth supportLow bandwidth support

Through caching and an offline mode the app is extremely light on the network traffic it requires and thus suitable even for areas for poor coverage.

Smart Speakers

Most consumer speak to virtual digital assistants every day, be it to ask for opening hours, answer trivia questions or just to set an egg timer. Digital Assistant natively supports voice outputs and comes with integrations for popular smart speakers.

Main Features


Cards designed in Digital Assistant only need to be written once, and the backend transforms them on the fly to be shown in the native layout of the receiving smart speaker, for example using APL for Alexa.

Voice answersVoice answers

You can declare alternative voice answers for Cards. For example a QnA Card about a Leave policy might show a link on desktop, but would include and read out an excerpt when requested via a smart speaker.

SSML markupSSML markup

Voice answers can be given using the Speech Synthesis Markup Language so you can handle number strings differently and use pauses and inflection to convey a more distinctive meaning to the listener.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa Skill

Just add the Digital Assistant Skill from the Alexa app and start asking your Digital Assistant anything you need. Responses are shown using the native Alexa Presentation Language (APL)

Google Assistant action

Action for Google Assistant

The breath of Google’s knowledge makes Google Assistant a ubiquitous choice for many users, and with the Digital Assistant Action you can simply add the smartness of your entire workplace data to your smart speakers.

Android Auto

Android Auto

With hundreds of new models support Android Auto you also gain easy access to your Digital Assistant on the go, whether you want to listen to your briefing or have a specific question you need to ask.

Some features are not available on all plans, please see the Pricing page for more info.