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Import from Git

Digital Assistant allows you to store your components in a version control repository, such as Github or Bitbucket and seamlessly import it into the workplace manager. This guide will show how to import a Now Card from a Github repository:

Demo Github repository

To start, in the top left menu navigate to Development → Manage Spaces → Global → Components. Here you should see a 'Import from Git' button:

Import with Git button

In the following screen you need to input the Url of the repository you wish to import:

Input the url of repository to import

After clicking on 'Import', workplace manager detects that we're trying to import a Now Card and asks if we would like to create new content for this component e.g. a Service connector. For this guide, we're going to skip it:

New content creation window

You should now be able to see your repository in the list of components:

See imported repository in the list of components

And the folder contains the card from our Github repository:

Inside the imported component folder