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Users & Roles

As the name suggests, the Users & Roles section allows to manage Now Assistant's users and their associated roles. In this section you can add, delete, edit and disable accounts as well as modify passwords.


The users section provides a list of users currently registered on the system. Here you can modify each individual user as well as add new users to the system.

Users section of the Now Assistant

Add a new user

To add a new user you can click the 'Add a new user' button on the top right corner, which will open a form to register a new user:

Form to add a new user

Changing user roles

To change the user's information, including roles, locate the account you wish to alter and click 'edit':

Edit user


The roles section allows to manage roles within Now Assistant. Here you can adjust the default roles or define your own custom roles. The roles system in Now Assistant was designed with maximum flexibility in mind, therefore you can specifically define which parts of the system and content each role can view or modify.

Editing a role

To edit a role, locate the role you wish to adjust and click the 'edit' button. In the new page you'll be able to set permissions for managing content, the system and more:

Role edit screen

Import Users

You can also import previously exported users, which can be useful if you wish to restore from a backup or set up a new Now Assistant environment.

To find out how you can export users please have a look at our Import/Export guide.

In this section you can import users assuming you already have them in an exported XML file. To save time it is also possible to automatically approve any unapproved users or preset some of the roles for all users imported:

User import section