Advanced Card Building

In this guide we will describe some more advanced Card features. Here are some examples:

  • Cards can be enhanced with features for expanding, responsive design and analytics. Learn more
  • Cards can be given settings, customizable by the end user, which can alter appearance or behaviour. Learn more
  • Cards can execute custom functionality upon user-generated events using Card Actions. Learn more
  • Digital Assistant can display real-time notifications of new information using Notification Cards. Learn more
  • Digital Assistant components can be version-controlled using Git. Learn more
  • Digital Assistant cards can be embedded in external websites, like your internet. Learn more
  • Digital Assistant provides a way to inject the Card with mock data responses in JSON format. Learn more
  • Cards can be given an internal API proxy script to fetch information from external APIs. Learn more
  • Digital Assistant was designed to assist debugging without bounding to a particular tool set which means that you can debug NodeJS applications with ease, whilst using your favorite tools. Learn more
  • Digital Assistant has built-in image optimization capabilities that you can apply to images on your Cards. Learn more
  • Cards can be configured to endlessly scroll through the data they receive, requesting more data from the source as the bottom of the list is reached. Learn more